Wild Bird Watching

Websites Well Worth the Visit 

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Identifying Texas Wildlife. Birds, Mammals and Reptiles.

This site promotes the published magazine but also has lots of great resources. Take the time to look around and enjoy.
 Falcons! This is an excellent site complete with a Just For Kids section to promote new enthusiasts. See a Live Web Cam, videos and a photo gallery. You can sign up for their free newsletter for updates on all Greenworks Programs. You need to download their Real Player program but it looks as if they are prepared for any problem.

The most complete source of information about Chickadees on the Internet. Brought to you by the Paul Family residing on Chickadee Lane nestled in the beautiful hills of Berks County, PA, USA.

  They have lots of links to other Chickadee websites, plans for houses and feeders, many sites with photographs. Very nice site!

 Birder.com has a huge online store of bird related items. Site is very easy to use. They also provide world wide links and links to lots of nature type websites.
 Your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. Birdwatching . com is about wild birds and the sport of birding. It's for everyone who's interested in birdwatching and enjoying nature. We hope you'll find some good ideas here to help you have fun watching birds.
This site offers a Free Newsletter, Nature Forums, a Learning Center, Gift Certificates, Feeders, Houses, Baths and stuff not just for birds. They specialize in bird feeders and birdhouses as well as backyard wildlife and garden accents including squirrel proof bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, bird baths, purple martin houses, bat houses, bird houses, oriole feeders, suet feeders, thistle feeders, window bird feeders and more!

 I have enjoyed this site for several years now and look forward to their newsletters every week. When I spot a bird I do not recognize,  I go to their search and can usually find what I need to know. They are associated with the National Wildlife Federation who will give you a choice of gift for a $20 donation.

  I just tried this link and I got my own zip and name. So it will probably do the same for you. Just put in your own info and enjoy!