Favorite Worthy Causes

We are proud to take the time and space to honor worthy causes our members are impressed with and would like to share with you. Click on the name to visit that page:

Jan Jennrich had sent this to share with everyone. Visit through the handy link to see what all they accomplish! I went to the site and found free patterns for those wanting to start helping. Project Linus won the contest for an office makeover. Look inside to read all about it. Grand prize !!
Pam Murphy lives in SW PA and has a favorite cause. It is the Windy Ridge Wildlife Refuge. Click the link and visit the website for the Refuge. Visit Pam's pages and you will be able to visit her website!
I discovered this charity a few months ago and it has solved a "problem" for me of what to do with all the yarn I inherited from my late mother-in-law. I am now working it up into things for the babies. It is very worthwhile. Here is a link. Check it out. (Patty Ramsey)
Anna Gartin tells us about their organization that holds weekly garage sales to raise money to care for & adopt out cats in Columbus, Ohio!
Evelyn Nimeskern has furnished us with a summer update and some suggestions for those who want to help but cannot do what others can.