Cat Welfare


Hello, I am Anna Gartin. Here in Columbus, Ohio we have a not for profit organization called "Cat Welfare". They take in homeless cats or cats that the owner has died. They at this time have over 200 cats. They are adoptable pets. They hold a once a week Garage Sale where donated items are for sale at extremely reasonable prices. 

I am a weekly customer of their garage sale, I have found so many wonderful things a lot of classics and antiques there at very reasonable prices.  Just to give you an idea, I bought a queen sized comforter there this Sat. for $5.00.  It makes me feel good to know my money is going to such a worthy cause.  I am a dog lover, we have 3 but I love all animals... well, maybe not reptiles (smile). 

The cashiers and stockers are volunteers and all the money raised goes to keeping Cat Welfare going and feeds the kitties. They have been in business for 50 years.

 Cat Welfare Assoc. Inc. 741 Wetmore Rd. Columbus, Ohio  43202, 614-268-6096. 

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