Issue 600 Monday, November 4, 2013

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  • Readers Sharing is a General Collection of writers who only want to write occasionally or have written in the past.  Do you have a topic you'd like to write about? You don't have to be a Homesteader. The Learning to Cook, Holiday Traditions and the Things Remembered are merely suggestions for readers to add their own insight to those Featured Sections.
  • All articles written are kept in the writer's section. There are no back issues so you can read anything you might have missed. When you find a new writer, you can read everything they've written.


  • Your own weather notes as the season changes, as you get hit by the brutal cold fronts, on a weekly basis, etc.
  • Photos of your pets, notes about their distinctive personalities and wonderful traits.
  • Your memories of past holidays, weather events, learning to cook, gardening knowledge... 
  • Your families' birthdays and your anniversary to be listed in our Birthday and Anniversary section. See your names in the feature as your month rolls around. 
  • Show off your handmade items you have for sale. No Commission Junction.



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Click Here: What's New this Week

"What's New this Week" is on a page of its own now. You can see what is new for this week and new in the past few weeks. Look at the top of the page for Nita's Week to see what has been happening in my week. Look for Arlene's Week to see what she has been doing during her week.


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Women's Issues

This is a new topic asked for by readers who thought others would enjoy learning what they had found. If you find other sites and information to add, please let me know.

There is even a page that explains how health issues are different between women and men.



Click Here: All Things about the Garden

This page is a collection of gardening information from our wonderful writers: Byron Tumlinson, Arlene Correll, Wanda Lynch, Pamela Murphy, Becky Whitford and myself. Everything from starting seeds, growing, to how to save your own seeds and why. 

Find some excellent websites with loads of how to tips and suggestions. If you can add some of your own or would like to ask questions, please send me an email.



Click Here: All Things of the Kitchen & Cooking

This is a new section to collect all the great pages about cooking and recipes. Look here for:

  • Summertime Meals to Keep the Kitchen Cool; Grilled Meals, Cold Meals, Crockpot Meals, Pasta Salads and Microwave Meals
  • Abundant Harvest Collection & More
  • All things Canning and Preserving
  • Recipes: Lost and Found
  • Rate the Recipes
  • Learning to Cook (and our mistakes along the way)
  • Quick Links to Sections with Recipes

Do you have cooking and kitchen adventures to write about? Or recipes? Just send me an email




Click Here: Things we Remember

This is a new section to collect all the great pages relating to our memories of the past and traditions now and in the future. Additions on a regular basis.

Look inside for:

  • Genealogy (a collection)
  • Holiday Traditions Past & Present (a collection)
  • Of Times Past and Things Remembered (a collection)
  • How Extreme was the Wicked Weather (a collection)

Do you have information to add? Your own traditions to share? Memories of the past to enjoy remembering? Send me an email please.



Click Here to see who is Celebrating Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries!

Post your family's birthdays and your anniversary so we can wish you well on your special day. Send me an email.



The Merchant Directory

 A quick look at the businesses of our folks. Take a minute and do some shopping; always great gifts.





Click Here: Support Freedom !

Show your support for our troops who have been called to War. This page started with a list of websites where you can send a message (or more) in support of the effort to bring freedom to a land and its people. The war is not over as long as the enlisted are still dying in combat. 

We may be opposed to President Bush's views on illegal immigrants but we cannot let down our military and the job that they are doing.

Would you like to post your own Support Freedom to honor and praise our troops? Let me know please.



Click here: The Giggle Factory

This topic is back by popular request. Jeannie in England had so enjoyed having some good laughs when she paid a visit so I am keeping the page alive. If you find something to add, just send me an email.

Backwoods Home Magazine has just joined our collection of humor and will allow us to share what they offer. Find tidbits from their email funnies and a link to their online archives. So much to read and enjoy. 


Click Here: PhancyPharm

in Central Texas by Randal & Nita Holstine

PhancyPharm (that refers to our Farm, not any type of Pharmacy) is where all the PhancyPages originate. When we started this newsletter, I had to spread out everything I wrote just to have more Sections. Now I can put all my pages together. Some will be links to pages already in place and some will be left in place to support the section. The Pharm is not fancy as you will see, just comfortable and home for us, our farm.

Find these topics:

  • Homesteading
  • Raising Chickens
  • Critters
  • Wildbird Watching 
  • The A-Frame Chicken House 
  • The Shop Randal Built
  • The Greenhouse that Randal Built
  • Gardening
  • Cooking, Kitchen Tips (with lots of recipes)
  • Around the House
  • Business Journal and Suggestions 
  • Genealogy
  • Photography: Texas Sky and Shades of Texas Yellow
  • The Right to Live !
  • Collections and Favorite Links (Elder Issues, Children's Interest, Conversion Charts, Space & Science, Boredom Busters, Camping & Specialty Sites)
  • Homespun Creations (Sewing Machine Tension Problems, Knitting Secrets, Learn to Knit & to Crochet, Quilting Color Magic, Scrapbooking, Stationery & Coloring Pages, Paperdolls, Wrapping Paper, Crafting & Sewing Projects, making Wreaths, Halloween Party Ideas, Book Covers)
  • "4255 Virginia Ave." by Ruth Elizabeth Jones- Armstrong



Click Here: Arlene Wright-Correll 

Home Farm Herbery in Munfordville, Kentucky

Visit Arlene's most excellent website where you can browse her store, buy on eBay or see the latest photos of her garden. She has the greatest of tea blends and spices, and she has added bread mixes and a uniquely blended item called Beans Diablo. That sounds spicy.

Arlene's artwork is known worldwide; stop by and see the latest. The very best are also offered as note cards with envelopes. What a unique gift you will be proud to give. 

NEWS FROM THE STAINED GLASS STUDIO: Carl is closing up the school due to ill health and is selling his complete studio equipment, all supplies, glass etc. which total  purchase value is over $20,000.00 and is now asking $5,000.00 for everything. Call 270 524 9567 for appointment to see what is here.



Click Here: Carl Correll

Great Stained Glass Artwork by the Master 

 Carl passed away on 8/13/13/ after 16 months of illness.

A mechanical genius and entrepreneur over many years, at the age of 66, decided to take all his talents and use them in his stained glass studio. He keeps busy and now offers personalized training to individual students in his workshops.


He is an award winning International artist and a member of KAHT (Kentucky Art Heritage Trail), CGG (Creative Glass Guild) and AGB (Artist Guild of Barrens).   He is also the first stained glass artist to be accepted into the 26th annual All Kentucky Fine Arts Exhibition and is the winner of the Bowling Green Women's Club Merit Award.


His personal art glass creations and commission work is much sought after. In 2008 he completed the Masonic Logo to hang in the window of the new Masonic Lodge built in Greenwich Connecticut.  Many of his works are sold internationally.  He currently lives in Munfordville, KY where he welcomes guests to view a free demonstration at his Avalon Stained Glass School & Creativity Center, at 100 Dave Wintsch Rd., Munfordville, KY.  


 Carl passed away on 8/13/13/ after 16 months of illness. He will be missed by all.



Click Here: The Cookie Woman

This is Arlene and Carl's daughter and she is Glynis Correll, The Cookie Woman. Enter this section and scroll down the page to view a small sample of Glynis' Fine Creations ! ! See if you are in her neighborhood, you can order these for your next occasion. 

Currently for local delivery only in Hart & Barren Counties or within 50 miles of Munfordville, KY 42765. 

Take a minute and look inside. Guaranteed to make you hungry for sweets !!



Click Here: The Shopping Mall

Where you can find a unique gift, any time of the year, day or night, for any occasion!

  • My Cat's Window is our DVD of scenes captured from the window here beside my desk. Sly has his own perch and enjoys watching all the activity. It makes great background fun to watch scenes of bird activity and light bird singing for delightful music. Safe for all ages even if you have no pet. Look inside to see how to order yours.

  • Beautiful Australian Shepherds for farm work.  We are starting with good bloodlines to improve the breed.  We do OFA, CERF and Brucellosis testing on all our dogs.  Our dogs are ASCA and AKC registered.  Feel free to call or email us about available puppies or future breeding. Visit Narita's website.
  • Look inside to see what new bargain items Arlene Correll has to sell. Go and see!

  • Visit The Scrubbie Lady and see the beautiful and most useful product she has to offer. Scrubbies you will buy for yourself or ornaments for your presents. Kathy makes these by hand. 

  • Avalon Stained Glass Workshop is taking reservations for upcoming classes. Look inside for registration form, directions and contact information. 

  • Arlene has added several new products, Beans Diablo and bread mixes. Look also for her unique Note Cards. All items you will be proud to give when the occasion arises. Have plenty on hand for surprises! Some are in the Classified Section!



CLICK HERE: Donna (Moe) Schmidtke

In loving memory of our wonderful friend, Donna (Moe) Schmidtke. She died on June 24, 2011 when her doctor was unable to diagnose her illness. She died in the hospital of a heart attack. CLICK HERE. All her writing for these PhancyPages will remain in place as she wrote so many fine articles over the years. All links to her website will be taken down.



Click Here: Stacy Artis

Clover Hill in SW Pennsylvania

Relearning Homesteading in the Suburbs

You know Stacy Artis from her accounts of the weather conditions in Southwestern Pennsylvania. She has graciously accepted the sharing of their adventures as they, she and husband Tim, learn again the ways of Homesteading to make life better in the suburbs for today and the future.

"I'm a country girl stuck in the 'burbs. I'm married to Tim the Builder and we've got two kids. One redneck, hillbilly daughter and one big city son who wonders if aliens didn't drop him into this family. A neurotic poodle and a big, dopey hound round out the cast of characters."



Click Here: Jack & Kathy

Homesteading in New York State

My husband Jack and I are homesteaders in NY. We make our own extracts of everything. If it's used in cooking or making soaps or lotions, we do it. It's too easy. 

We make our own cheese, butter and yogurt. We grow all our own food. Meat included. Our total grocery bill in a year is about $200. We buy sea salt, black peppercorns, rennet and cat food for a spoiled feline.

We raise goats, chickens and pigs. We sell produce and animals. I make quilts and he is a creator of everything that we need (when possible).



Click Here: The Scrubbie Lady

Kathy Vilseck in Coldwater, Mississippi

Kathy Vilseck lives in Coldwater, Mississippi where she makes all the Scrubbies by hand. You will notice spots in the Shopping Page and the Classified Ads Section about The Scrubbie Lady. The Scrubbie is a great kitchen tool and they also make a pretty package ornament - a few ribbons and you have a unique gift wrap. Buy in quantity and save some money. There are many colors to choose from and the cost of shipping is included in the price.

SCRUBBIES TESTIMONIALS:  The testimonials are many now. Look inside to read them all. We sure like the Scrubbies that Kathy makes.

Go and visit Kathy's many pages. Check out all her articles and order some Scrubbies. Thank you Kathy. (She still makes the flat Scrubbie and the ornaments and the bags and baskets and decorations but you would need to contact her and ask about availability and cost.)



Click Here: Debora Bettis

Homesteading near the Okefenokee Swamp in SE Georgia

The Seminole word for "Land of the Trembling Earth" is Okefenokee. Find a link to visit several great websites, complete with history and plant & wildlife information.  

Find Debora's Introduction about their Homestead and life in Georgia. Also find the Article she had written for Kathy Vilseck about memories of Gathering Around the Table. 

Debora and her husband are Homeschooling their son. She will be writing more about those adventures as we go along.



Click Here: Chanel Hilliard

My name is Chanel Hilliard and I am writing to you from the mountains of North Georgia in Blairsville. We are right on the state line for North Carolina and about 45 minutes from Tennessee. My current home status is: 1 of the smartest, brightest, cutest grandson in the whole wide world, Peyton Jake (lol), daughter Ashley,  animal son Tibbs (Tibetan spaniel), animal daughter Lilith (German Shepherd)  feline son Charlie, feline daughter Yellow, chickens & bee hives. I also have a 27 year old son who comes home when he wants to eat "Home is where they feed ya".

My hobbies include growing herbs and discovering their natural healing properties, decorative painting (on anything that doesn't move), homemade goats milk soap, bartering, gardening, crocheting, sewing, recycling old items for alternate purposes and coming up with new ideas for honey and beeswax.



Click Here: Thrifty Homemaker

by Angela Billings

Angela is publishing her Thrifty Homemaker Online Magazine. A new name and a new look. Find delightful ideas, tips and recipes in her pages. 

Angela is married with children and is also a Christian Homeschooling mom. Many of her articles have been published in various newsletters and websites. We are honored to have her write for our PhancyPages.



Click Here: Becky Whitford

Simply Self Sufficiency in Thomson, Georgia!

While I was reading a copy of Countryside Magazine, I came across an article that Becky had written about gardening and Heirloom varieties of vegetables. Excellent insight. 

Becky maintains a very active message board. Look to the bottom of her page for specific instructions for signing up and posting. Her children and the farm animals keep her very busy. And then there are all her wonderful crafts.

Look inside to see the many topics she has written about from her experience and knowledge. Thank you Becky.



CLICK HERE: Nancy Thompson

On the Homeplace called SongBird

My name is Nancy Thompson. My husband Tim and I live in South West Iowa just on the edge of town, Neola, Iowa. I'm a retired nurse and my husband works at a VA Hospital. Our place is just under an acre, with fertile bottom land along side a short creek and a small wooded area. It's wonderfully beautiful here.

We moved to Iowa from California in 2000 after it became clear that my Mother was ill and wanted us near. It was decided to sell our roofing business, rent out the house and pack up 35 years of living and move back "home."

Look above for a picture of Nancy's doggie, Suzi.



Click Here: Real Country Life

by Pamela Christine Porterfield

Welcome, come in and take a look. You'll find real country life, local history, old photographs, recipes, crafts, genealogy, places to visit and sites to see and don't forget to look at what we have for sale.

One part of Pam's site aims to preserve the culture and history of the Appalachian people who settled in rural, southwestern Pennsylvania.



Click Here: Narita Siegel

Home of Beautiful Australian Shepherds in SE AZ

My husband Hank and I first owned an Australian Shepherd named Lady on our hobby farm in Los Osos, California, in 1977. Although we never bred our dog, we loved to watch her work our stock on her own with no formal training from us.  We moved on in our lives to the city and sold our farm.  Now some 30 years later, we are back on our 78 acre farm in Southeast Arizona outside the City of Willcox.  We have sheep, milk goats, and chickens plus our favorite breed of dog, the Aussie.  

With the help of good friends, we are starting our adventure of breeding Australian Shepherds for farm work and whatever comes our way.  We are starting with good bloodlines to improve the breed.  We do OFA, CERF and Brucellosis testing on all our dogs.  Our dogs are ASCA and AKC registered.

From time to time we also sell lambs.  Feel free to call or email us about available puppies or future breeding.



CLICK HERE: Patti Love in Neola, Iowa

I have lived on the Western most edge of Iowa my entire life.   It's a beautiful part of the state and also the forgotten part. We live near the Iowa/Nebraska border. For some inane reason, folks think of us as Nebraska. I suppose that's in part because we are just a stones throw away from Omaha, NE which is known for their college football champs "the Huskers". 

I have lots of interests; a little sewing; nothing major, cooking, crafting, cross stitch, flower arranging. I have helped my husband with remodeling our house and building our shop and my potting shed.  I also have discovered a passion for planting "antique seeds".   I have found that they grow nicely between our fence and the alley. Living in town, I don't have a lot of space to plant things. But I try to make do with what I have and change my plants ever so often. 



Click Here: Dorothy Tweedt in Tomball, Texas

Dorothy has been writing longer than any other writer and is one of the very first subscribers. She is my best friend and my aunt Dorothy. Okay, she is really a cousin but I call her Aunt Dorothy. She is full of wise knowledge and great wisdom and I cherish every item she has written. 

She had requested to be in the Readers Sharing Section but by popular demand, her pages are moved back to this the Opening Page. Thank You so much Dorothy!

Find Dorothy's tried and true remedy for fire ants. Look inside ! !



Click Here: Rick Love as he writes about his OLDGUNS

Five years ago my friend and fellow mechanic Roger McEvoy introduced me to collecting and refurbishing old rifles. It has proven to be an excellent stress reliever and I actually learn something every time I research a gun! It has definitely rekindled another lifelong fascination and love of: OLDGUNS.

Rick has been writing for years now and has quite a collection of fine articles complete with photographs. We so thank Rick for giving us his time and abilities to teach us about his hobby.


CLICK HERE: That British Woman

I am a British born, but have lived in Canada for the past 19 years.  My name is Gill and I have been married to the best husband in the world for 25 years in June, 2008. Can't believe how fast those 25 years have flown by. We have two great kids, T is an accountant and C has one more year left at Graduate School.

Nita's Note: Pronounce Gill as we'd say Jill. That's the way they do it. Send an email to me with your best welcome and I will send it along to Gill. 

Gill has disappeared. She does not reply to any of my emails and her blog is closed. We wish her well and do hope she will get in touch one day.


Click Here: Becky Taylor

Meet Becky Taylor. She lives in Michigan and is 56 years young. She and her husband have no children; you will find a photo of her 14 year old tiger cat, Miss Tiffany, who looks very spoiled but died several years ago. Becky loves the gardening of veggies and flowers. She is also looking for "mini African Violets."


Click Here: Wanda Lynch

Wanda's Cozy Corner of Washington State

Welcome to Lynch Homestead!!  My name is Wanda Lynch and I live in Eastern Washington state, approximately 35 miles from Spokane, WA.  I have lived on this  homestead since 1992. I live on 20 acres of trees and love my peaceful little paradise. I live a very frugal life and love the challenge of trying to do things frugally.  I love to can, garden, read, write, embroider, quilt (personal and charity), cross stitch, and be a homemaker.  God and family are the most important things in life to me.  I have three grown children...Jason, Michael, and Jennifer.  I also have two grandkids...Daniel and Kaity. I love being a grandma!!!  Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and come join me for a peek into my little piece of heaven.  I would love to have ya!



Click Here: Readers Sharing

Do you have some good ideas to share but don't want to write on a regular basis? Just send them in and we will collect all the great suggestions here for all to share. Send me an email, please.

Writers in this Section:

  • Rose B.

  • Debura Struble

  • Carl Evans

  • Dolores Gilligan

  • George & Helen Wilson

  • Mel Frizell

Add your name to the list. Some are archives of writers no longer writing or write occasionally and when you wish. Send Nita an email, please.



Click Here: When the Writers Started Writing for PhancyPages !

This is a place for special recognition of our many writers. Find out how long they have really been around. Leonie mentioned it to me and it sure is worthy of letting each one take a bow. Send email messages to your favorite writers and tell them how much you enjoy their work. 

Do you want to write? Let me know by email, please. Pick one of the subjects or name your own. Ask Nita, CLICK HERE to start your message.



Click here: The Dollar Stretcher,

Living Better for Less

Gary Foreman is the editor of The Dollar website and newsletters. Not only does the site host thousands of articles on various ways to save money, but you'll also find a vibrant forum where people share their dollar stretching ideas.



Click Here: Emergency Readiness

Find a collective effort giving you lots of expert information from the Center for Disease Control site. You also get Nita's insight and why you really do need to get that roll of tape. Find the link to Wanda Lynch's most excellent article on getting ready for an emergency. Thank you Wanda ! If you find a site or can add important info, send Nita an email. 



Click Here: Conserving & Alternatives

Conserving what we use and using alternatives when possible. Lots of tips and how to save on electricity and water. Find a link to Arlene Correll's How to Cook with Solar Energy!

If you find helpful information and websites, send me an email so we can find new ways to save! Share your knowledge!

Note: Some readers don't like to be told "where to buy gas." Okay, but it is a good thing to know that the dictator of Venezuela wants to "bring down the United States of America" with his profits from his control of Citgo. The choice is yours but be prepared with the facts.  



Click Here: Pets

This section features the pets around the home and homestead. Find pet crafts and pet humor. If you find something worth sharing, just send me an email, please. With the addition of Beau and Sammy, I learned a lot about mange and how to treat them. They have turned out beautifully and I have recorded what I have learned. Find Kathy Vilseck's article about protecting the dogs from the cold winter wind. Even information about using garlic instead of chemicals to be rid of fleas on your pets. Bambie Myers has sent in her warning about using heartworm medicine in older dogs. Look into the Pet Problems Section. 

If you have photos of your pets, send them to me as an email and I will add them to our page. Tell your tale and how much they mean to you and your family and home. No photos? Just send your notes with what you want to share, your fond memories and choice chuckles. Send yours to Nita.



Click Here:    In the Spotlight

The Scrubbie Lady

Enter please to visit with  Kathy Vilseck. She lives in Coldwater, Mississippi with her family. She makes Scrubbies by hand; they are crocheted and the greatest kitchen scrubbing tool you'll ever want to own. Beautiful bright colors to choose from, and they never sour or rust. They are far better than my little green scrubber. Read her most interesting articles and items found. 

Look inside ! ! !


Past In The Spotlight Features:

(Find all info about these businesses at the bottom of the Spotlight page)

Little Drone Apiary

THE SCRUBBIE LADY                     Home Farm Herbery   

      The Kingtons and BCS - Earth Tools

Real Country Life. com           Sharon Schnupp Kuepfer

mobile home

 Our folks have a website to show off. Send Nita an email if you would like to see your site IN THE SPOTLIGHT. 



Click Here: Reader's Forum

This section was the Ask a Question and started with dealing with a daughter who would not cooperate. Rose B and Leonie helped greatly with the question of dealing with a rebellious teenage child. Some great insight on how to deal with such a problem. I like going back to the answers just to see the website from the fellow who has all the latest in shower heads. There was no timed unit to limit the child's usage, but we did learn a lot. Add your own answers and questions; just send me an email.

TOPICS: (other animal and plant topics are in the Bio-Intensive Garden Section and in the Garden Treasury Section)

  • HOW DO I GET RID OF GAILLARDIA.  IT HAS TAKEN OVER IN MY FLOWERS AND I HATE THEM.  I planted them last year and they look like weeds.  Now they have spread all over and it is such a mess I had to have Bruce take the tiller in certain spots to till them up.   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I even told Bruce I am about to the point of digging up all of my plants and having him till the whole darned thing.   That's how P.O.d I am about them. From Becky
  • Stacy Artis is looking for any and all information about container gardening. Look above in her section to find her address and more about her inquiry. 
  • Wanda Lynch is looking for some of the Dick and Jane readers to help in the Homeschooling of her granddaughter, Kaity. Please send me an email if you have any or know who might. 

  • Does anyone know about making their own juice? Vegetable or/and fruit, smoothies and frosties?

  • Rose B. Mother of 3 has a Cooking Question. Look inside and see if you can help.

  • Can anyone suggest cheap but nice looking alternatives to curtain rods? My husband and I refurbish houses for a living and buying rods for bare windows always costs so much. I can sew my own curtains and can usually find window coverings on sale but the rods are a hard one and usually cost $20 - $40 a window... and the rods and curtains sell with the house, so I can't reuse them. Thanks for any suggestions! Jan Jennrich

  • Do you have any suggestions for using denim scraps? I have lots and want to make things. Hand sewing preferred. Thank you, Debora.
  • I have a request. I am looking for some ways of keeping my guys fed this summer without heating up the house too much. I don't mind sandwiches, but Tim takes sandwiches to work everyday, so I don't think he would care for that idea. I am open to any ideas that would  help.  Summer heat aggravates my symptoms, so I look for simple recipes or tips that would keep things uncomplicated. Debora.. We found lots of ways. Look inside.

  • Find a new question about Quilting. Can you help? Look inside. Find what suggestions have come in already.

  • This summer he (Tim) is hoping to purchase one of those outdoor wood burning furnaces and locate it near the coop/shed. He is convinced it would be the best heating solution with rising fuel costs. I'm not sold yet. Does anyone have any experience with those they could share? Stacy Artis

  • A reader is interested in learning what they might grow in a 100'X100' plot that they could sell in the Farmer's Market and in a roadside stand. Your experience and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Read what Byron Tumlinson had to offer. Lots of great tips and ideas.

  • Have you ever used eBay, PayPal, or any other online source for selling/buying and the payment and shipping setup? Was it a good experience, a bad one? Please let me know.

  • Do you have a crocheting pattern to make a poncho? 

  • Does anyone have any seeds to share with other readers? My garden was lousy this year so we have nothing for next year.

  • Poison Ivy: treating the rash & getting rid of the plants

  • Remedies & repelling insect & spider bites and stings

  • Everything about Earthboxes

  • We need hints about finding land and getting started Homesteading

  • Leaving the Homestead and moving to town? Need hints and tips

  • Need Recipes for no & low carb; bread recipes using Atkins Flour

  • We now have remedies for eliminating skunk odor

  • Canning green tomatoes for frying later, will it work?

  • Assistance for Special Needs Person

  • Eggplant Questions and Answers

  • Heavy Calcium deposits in well water

  • Trouble with rebellious 16 year old

  • Found any sweet licorice?

  • About Goat Meat

  • and many other topics...

Have a topic you'd like to suggest? Answers and suggestions to add?  Send Nita an email please.



Click Here: Homesteading Journals

Find the modern day definition of "Homesteading." Our journal is ongoing but I need more success stories, with how things went wrong and what you would do different. Every story will have its share of failures and hard lessons learned. Share yours. Please send Nita an email. Or just write about your own version of Homesteading as our new writers Judi Murphy and Stacy Artis do in their own Suburban Homesteading articles. 

There is an excellent short homesteading account by Carole Kington. IN THE SPOTLIGHT featured their website and the line of farm tools that she and her husband, Shannon, promote. Find the link in Past Spotlight Features.

Homesteaders in this section are: 

  • Cindy Teitsort

  • Becky Whitford in Thomson, GA

  • Debora Bettis in SE Georgia

  • Jack & Kathy in New York State

  • Bryon & Caroline Tumlinson in S. Texas

  • Rose B. in North Carolina

  • Nita & Randy Holstine in Central Texas

  • Wanda Lynch in WA State

  • Pam Murphy in SW PA

  • Stacy Artis in SW PA

  • Patty Ramsey in Virginia

  • Judi Murphy in Carmel, NY

  • Jeannie in Central England

  • Mert Searcy in Iowa

  • Kathy in New Hampshire



Click Here: Homeschooling

  • You have met Janienne Jennrich and her husband Duane, their daughter Kelsey and son Ian. They live in beautiful Washington State and she hopes to inspire those who are Homeschooling and support those who are looking into making the decision.

  • Becky Whitford has her own section and has been writing for some time now. She has just begun Homeschooling her daughter, Michelle. Enjoy reading her new adventures.

  • Sharon Schnupp Kuepfer and her husband live in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, where they homeschool their five children. She shares many articles and recipes. These items are all still in place but her website is no longer online.

  • Debora Bettis is added to the Homeschooling Section with her sixth installment on the Journey with the education of their son! He likes space and robots, can you tell?

  • Pam Murphy writes a most enlightening account of success in the Homeschooling of her son. Thank you Briklyn! 



Click Here: Critters (everything about raising animals)

Jack & Kathy in New York State have started their Homesteading Section with wonderful knowledge about acquiring and raising goats. Learn how to milk a goat and find lots of great goat cheese recipes. Many wonderful updates!

Send Nita an email

Please tell all goat people the proper term for a female is a doe; definitely not "nanny." Thanks to Narita, And the male is a buck and not a billy. So go the fairy tales.

We'd love to add information on raising rabbits, turkeys, quail,  donkeys, pigs and more. Look in the Lynch Homestead and find their Adventures in Raising Pigs. Anyone with knowledge and experience in raising any animals, please share what you have learned. 



Click Here: Wild Bird Watching

Lore, Experience and Sightings

No organization to join and support, just FREE postings of your sightings and knowledge to pass along! Record birds you see and at what time of the year, residents and migrants in your area, ask questions and help us answer them when we don’t know. Record the lore and tales you have heard. Includes many helpful ideas to attract birds to your own yard. 

Read the journals of Nita in Central Texas; Wanda in Washington State; Briklyn in Western PA and Nancy Thompson in Iowa. Learn how to do it yourself and post your own sighting. Or just write an occasional few lines. We'd love to hear from you.  Just send Nita an email.

 Have you noticed wild birds in your area? Send me an email, please.



Click Here: Parsimonious Living

Everything about being thrifty, skimping and saving money whenever possible. Find economical ideas you can use and add your own advice when you see something you know about!  

This is another section that has been divided into the articles written by Nita and websites well worth the visit. If you have Frugal and Thrifty ideas of your own you would like to share, please send Nita an email.



Click Here: Classified Advertisements

Avalon Stained Glass School has a Business Opportunity worth the time to read about. Look inside and check it out. This could be something of great interest to you. 

"My Cat's Window is our DVD shot from the window here beside my desk. Sly, our cat, has his own perch and enjoys watching all the activity. It makes great background fun and light bird singing for delightful music. Safe for all ages even if you have no pet. Made in the USA, Made in Texas. RATED G  For Good Fun. Read the testimonials and see what others think. Help support the newsletter and the wildlife of Texas.

Kathy Vilseck is the Scrubbie Lady and you will learn all about the Scrubbies she makes. She has new colors of Scrubbies that are so pretty.

Scott McAlpine still has 2 parcels of land for sale. Look in the Property For Sale Section. These places are in Ohio, east of Cincinnati. Check it out.

Look inside the Items for Sale for all of Arlene's new products for sale. Find wearable art, post cards, greeting cards, U.S. Postal stamps, office & home decor' and more all decorated with the art work of Arlene Wright-Correll. If you want gardening articles and recipes, buy her newly published books for sale.

Find Narita Siegel's listing for her beautiful Australian Shepherds. Look inside to find out more.

Chanel Cordell now has Wildflower Honey for sale. $5 per pound plus shipping.

Look inside to see what new bargain items Arlene Correll has to sell. Go See!

Visit the Stained Glass Studio and while you are there, go on over to look around in Arlene Correll's store. See the Art Gallery where there are always more beautiful works of art on sale. Look for the signed and numbered prints.  

Free advertising ! Do you have something to list? Just send Nita an email. No Commission Junction type mass mailing services and products. 



Click Here: Real Kid Stories

We have goodies from Country Gal, Therese Roberts and Arlene Correll besides my own. Do you have funnies to add?

I have just added more stories and will try to keep adding on a regular basis. Time tends to just slip by without notice. Now that cute little 3 year old has graduated from Marine Corp Boot Camp, got married and is all grown up. That makes me feel very OLD. 



A new Page called Caveat Emptor,

 Let the Buyer Beware.

Read the gripes of our writers and readers...  Do you have some to share?

CLICK HERE to read the pages



Click Here: What the Weather is doing!

Contribute your description, it doesn't have to be lengthy and it doesn't have to be extreme. It can be when you notice the season change or the first time it drops below 60, or 50, or the first frost or snow. You don't even have to post your name, we'd love to have reports from all over the world. 

  Please send Nita an email




This is the place for our readers to brag on their favorite not for profit worthy causes. MOST RECENTLY: Pam Murphy has written an excellent article about their Opossum visitors. Go to her section to read about the visit and learn more about the Windy Ridge Wildlife Refuge. Look inside Worthy Causes to find link to go there directly. Enjoy!

Patty Ramsey is sharing her favorite for using the extra yarn on hand. Stitches from the Heart is an excellent project collecting and providing warm hand-knit items for premature babies. Kathy Vilseck has mentioned using lots of yarn making items for Stitches from the Heart!

Jan Jennrich has added their preferred charity, Project Linus, "a Project Linus blanket is like a big hug when someone needs one the most."

Evelyn Nimeskern is the President of The Southern Indiana Chapter of Newborns in Need. They make and donate preemie and newborn baby clothes to hospitals and the poor where ever they are. Read what she has written about the adventures in toy making for children in need. Evelyn has added her summer mode notes with some excellent suggestions for those who want to help but cannot do what others can. 

  Do you have a favorite charity to share? Send me an email.



Click Here: Using all the space in a small home...

Do you have hints and tips on utilizing all the space in a small house? We need all the help we can get to start building our home and to best live in the small space. The house that Randy is now building is small but will be tight and easier to heat and cool.  

We certainly have more time than money so I will search for the best ways of taking advantage of the knowledge available. If you have any ideas about making the best use of space in a small home, please let me know; even if your ideas are merely notions on how you would do it different and better (even if you haven't,) please share. Send them in an email to Nita.



Click Here: Free Stuff

If you enjoy the craft newsletters, look in my PhancyPharm Section, then find the Homespun Creations for a page full of craft sites with lots of free email newsletters. Some of these I have been getting myself for a long time. There are lots of great Scrapbooking hints, tips and ideas. 

I often find great magazines to subscribe to by taking advantage of the free offers they make. Usually all you must do is to mark the subscription card Cancel and return it to them. The best magazines sell themselves and we keep on subscribing for years and years.

Order the Home Farm Herbery free email newsletter delivered to your Inbox every week. Enjoy the delights of Arlene's friends and family with weekly updates. Watch for each new item of Arlene's beautiful artwork. Ooh, I own a signed copy... do you own a Correll Original?



Seed Sharing

No more seed sharing. This past season I had a lady who wanted everything I could offer. She never said thank you or acknowledged getting the seeds. I have nothing left. If I do in the future, I will post it here.



Click Here: Encyclopedia of Gardening Knowledge

This is a grand collection of veggie and fruits, flowers and herbs; resources and hints/tips and more. If you have questions or would like to add your own information, just send me an email. If Byron or any of our other gardeners doesn't know the answer, I will keep searching and find some solutions.  

Look for the new resources section link in the top part of the first page. All of Byron Tumlinson's articles and hints & tips are found at the top of the resources page. There is a giant sized collection of garden harvest recipes. Even find a recipe for wilted lettuce.

This has become a HUGE file. If you find a link that no longer works, please let me know. When you have questions about a plant not listed, just ask and we'll see what we can find. If you know something not found inside, let me know and you with be the author.

Looking for something you do not find? Send me an email and we will ask around!



Click Here: Print your own Seed Packets

Something special for when you have seeds to give away to your family and friends are these unique print from your own printer templates for Seed Packets. 

I have tried to adjust the sizes from the originals I had found but if there is something you'd like to have for a special project, just let me know.

I have been hearing how there are so few bluebonnets around Texas since our Lady Bird Johnson is gone. She supported and encouraged the saving and sharing of all our wonderful wildflowers; she was the force that kept our road crews from cutting roadside grass too soon for the seeds to be mature. I hope to buy enough seeds to get my own crop going to provide all I could want for planting and giving away. Mrs. Ruth Addington of Abilene, Texas was a member of a group who would get out on the road ways and do some collecting and sharing. Like Lady Bird, she will always be fondly remembered by those who knew her especially when they save and share seeds.



Click Here: We Quit Smoking & You Can, too !

The Great American Smokeout for 2009 is November 19th but I wouldn't have know were it not for Craig Ferguson talking about it on the late night show. He talked at length about how it was for him to quit, how difficult and how glad he was that he had done it. Congratulations to all who have tried and succeeded. For those who have not quit yet, keep trying and you will get there.

The Great American Smokeout has happened for 2008 and I never heard a word in the media about when it would occur. It  some time in November. I went to the main website but there was no date set for 2007. Congratulations if you have been able to quit, for the day or forever. Remember to never quit trying to give them up. So what if you don't succeed one time, make a new date and try again. Get some extra ammunition and be more prepared, be better equipped until you are able to quit. Please, do it for yourself.

Erica Mitchell tells of how she quit and will never start again. She relates that she had a bad reaction to Zyban. Our many thanks Erica.

Nancy Thompson has written of how she and her husband had quit smoking. Read and perhaps her words can help you give up your own smoking habit. Her addition will keep this section at the top of this page. Do you have one? Help to encourage others to quit. Please.

Dorothy Tweedt has written for us about how she and Kenneth each quit smoking and what effect it had on their lives. Thank you Dorothy.

Anne Trott in England has added her experience in quitting the habit.  Thank you so very much Anne. 

The ex-smokers who have told their stories:

  • Brian/Leonie Edge
  • Erica Mitchell
  • Nancy Thompson 
  • Dorothy (and Ken) Tweedt
  • Anne Trott
  • Wanda Lynch
  • Deb 
  • Sylvia Kolenda
  • Nita & Randal Holstine


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