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  • HOW DO I GET RID OF GAILLARDIA.  IT HAS TAKEN OVER IN MY FLOWERS AND I HATE THEM.  I planted them last year and they look like weeds.  Now they have spread all over and it is such a mess I had to have Bruce take the tiller in certain spots to till them up.   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I even told Bruce I am about to the point of digging up all of my plants and having him till the whole darned thing.   That's how P.O.'d I am about them. From Becky Taylor (send Nita an email)
  • Does anyone know about making their own juice? Vegetable or/and fruit, smoothies and frosties? Send Nita an email, please.
  • Rose B. Mother of 3 has a Cooking Question. CLICK HERE  to see if you can help. Send me an email and we will post your suggestions.
  • Question: I need a very good suggestion that will teach Callie (girl cat of course) to sleep thru the night. She will be a year old and she is still waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to be fed or wants to play or wants to simply paw paw paw on the closet door. No matter how late we try to keep her up she still has her internal alarm clock that's says....Callie ...wake up.  But her brother Buster will sleep night though. ** send Nita an email...

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  • Question: Can anyone suggest cheap but nice looking alternatives to curtain rods? My husband and I refurbish houses for a living and buying rods for bare windows always costs so much. I can sew my own curtains and can usually find window coverings on sale but the rods are a hard one and usually cost $20 - $40 a window... and the rods and curtains sell with the house, so I can't reuse them. Thanks for any suggestions! Jan Jennrich *Send Nita an email and I will send along your message.

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  • Do you have any suggestions for using denim scraps? I have lots and want to make things. Hand sewing preferred. Thank you, Debora.

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  • Question: I was wondering if any of your readers have any ideas on how to keep roosters warm outside all winter. 

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  • Know of any legitimate single men?

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  • I have a request. I am looking for some ways of keeping my guys fed this summer without heating up the house too much. I don't mind sandwiches, but Tim takes sandwiches to work everyday, so I don't think he would care for that idea. I am open to any ideas that would  help.  Summer heat aggravates my symptoms, so I look for simple recipes or tips that would keep things uncomplicated. Debora

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  • Can you possibly e-mail me a pic of what a Mountain Terrier is?  I've never seen one, but our local pet store is selling a Shih Tzu/Mountain Terrier mix that's simply adorable and I'd like to know more about them. Thanks, Lynne


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  • I shattered the bone in my upper arm on Feb. 21. I have extensive nerve damage and I lost the use of my left hand and wrist. I use to quilt a lot but I can't do it now. I would like to know if any one would be able to tell me a way I could try to quilt again. I can't hold the fabric together to sew the patches together. Once I get it started I am ok but the beginning is hard. I also use to hand quilt so does any one have an advise about hand quilting? Thanks for your help. Theresa

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  • I was wondering if you had information on building wooden fences. I know there's a lot of stuff on the internet, I am mainly looking for pictures. We want to put a fence across the front of the property, nothing fancy. Probably post and pole. Apparently termites are a problem here too. There is metal fencing in the back and I plan on covering that up with large shrubs. Nancy

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  • This summer he (Tim) is hoping to purchase one of those outdoor wood burning furnaces and locate it near the coop/shed. He is convinced it would be the best heating solution with rising fuel costs. I'm not sold yet. Does anyone have any experience with those they could share? Stacy Artis

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  • We are interested in growing extra produce for selling in the farmer�s market and by roadside stand. Any points about what didn�t work very well and won�t be tried again. As well as what did work well and made you proud. They live in Canada but are wanting any suggestions about how to do it right. They have a 100�X100� plot they want to give to the venture.

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  • Do you have eBay or any other site experience with selling products? PayPal? Or other payment services? Let me know. Find Mel's article about doing business. 

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  • Has anyone ever tried the advertised gadgets that proclaim the unit will rid your home of rodents? Electronic type of gizmo with warnings about hamsters and gerbils. Do they work? Anyone have success? Please let me know, Nita
  • Do you have a crocheting pattern for a poncho? Kathy Vilseck is looking for one please. Send Nita an email!

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  • Hello, I am looking for a forum where I can find simple tips and help but also sound off about religion and politics now and then. Do you know of such a place? 

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  • Okay Mel, how about a place to get crafting materials online. Where do you suggest?

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POISON IVY! The everything collection about treating the rash and getting rid of the plants. CLICK HERE!

  • Has anyone ever used the Earthboxes? Other methods of container gardening? Success? Let me know. I've never used the Earthboxes but am eagerly trying the container gardening methods.

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  • I am collecting any and all remedies for insect & other bites and stings. Wasps, bees, mosquito, chiggers, and spiders. A lot of people are not bothered at all and I am jealous. This is a worse than ever summer. So far the best cure for chigger bites is to slap them and it kills the little devil causing all the pain and itching. But it still takes days for them to go away and by then I have a new crop. I have just identified the cute fuzzy white caterpillar that causes so much pain when they sting. Go and read the continuing saga. JUST ADDED: Bed bug photo and article from newspaper clipping. Thank you Dorothy Tweedt.

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  • I'm trying to find out about canning green tomatoes.  Several folks know 'someone' who has canned them in the past but nobody knows how long to process them.  Also if they can be raw packed.  I want to be able to fry them.  I'd really appreciate any help with this. Peggy.

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  • We will soon be looking for a new place to live, and I want to get started on some homesteading. I've got lots of questions about getting started. This is a chance for all the contributors to say what they'd do differently if they could start over, because I'll be starting from the beginning. How should one go about choosing chickens? What advice can you give for keeping them healthy and productive? What do you wish someone had told you when you first started raising chickens? Are there any suggestions on what to look for in a homestead property? Things to avoid? Has anyone experience raising rabbits? I'd appreciate any other advice anyone can provide about getting started in homesteading. I'd like to hear about regrets, about mistakes, about advice you wish you had been given, etc. I'd also like to hear about the things you got right. Rose B, mother of three, in NC

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This is just in from Leonie Edge:

Juliette de Baircli Levy wrote a Handbook for the Farm and Stable that is still being published by Faber, and her work is excellent!
I'm pretty sure that she helps with questions on chook raising, amongst other beasties.