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This site is courtesy of the United States of America. They have 48 free newsletters available for you. Some of the publications report of items available to purchase but most are letting you know about current information on a wide variety of topics. You will need to confirm your subscriptions.
Home & Family Ezine - Recipes and Household Tips for Better Living. Visit and meet Angela Billings. Her website is growing fast and has lots of great information and ideas. Enjoy a visit today!
This site is twice the size as last I visited. They now have a free email newsletter. I signed up and will go back and enjoy looking around. I have already spotted a hummingbird feeder I really like. The season is almost over but I will have a list ready for next season. 
Stacy Artis sent in this site and the one below for the Kraft Foods. This one has lots of great recipes and a store of their own. Many things to read and browse through. Look for register where you get signed up to access the archives and check out each new recipe as they are listed. They don't have a newsletter. 
Stacy Artis wrote recommending this site as one of her favorites. They have a free newsletter to sign up for but you will want to list this sites in your favorites to return to often. I love their search where you can tell it what you have on hand and it will tell you what you can make. Excellent! Thank you Stacy!
This link will start your email to sign up for the free email newsletter. The link to visit Pam's website and newsletter is Take a look around and enjoy the visit. If you are in SW Pennsylvania, you are in the neighborhood!
The Bat Conservatory is celebrating 20 years but the free email newsletter is NEW. I signed up as soon as I saw it. I have always been fascinated with bats and was sharing memories with Dorothy Tweeds when I remembered these folks. I had it hidden in the sites of interest to children and will go back right now to sign up. Yes, they are mammals.  

This link is for the online newsletter. I signed up  but what I got was a pageful of code and a link to go to this page if the email wouldn't work. From this page, you can sign up and see if it works for you.

This page is the signup page for Pioneer Thinking's free email newsletter. They have lots of really great ideas that are simple and practical. I look forward to their wonderful newsletter every week. 
This link is the sign up page for the BHM free email newsletter. It didn't say free but I found no mention of a charge. They advertise their printed magazine and you will sure be wanting to order your own subscription but the newsletter does not cost anything. The website and newsletter both have great volumes of valuable information. I stayed a long while and didn't want to leave. 
Sign up now for your Simplicity E-Mail Newsletter. You'll be the first to see the new designs or learn about Fashion and Home Decor news.

Check out the newest sewing ideas and trends all from one source - Simplicity!

I signed up for both the weekly recipes and the daily tips. They have a beautiful site just full of recipes and articles, fun for the entire family type of stuff. I look forward to going back and looking around.
Arlene Correll has her own website and her own free weekly email newsletter. You can use the above link to go to the current edition every week or you can go and sign up to get your own. Easy to do and what an excellent newsletter. Arlene is so very creative and inspiring. See her latest beautiful works of watercolor art and more ! They are for sale; you could own your own as well as give unique holiday gifts.
This is the P&G products newsletter. It is one of the free email newsletters I always look forward to getting. They usually offer free samples of products but they have current and archived topics on: "Organized Life, Easy Decor, Clever Kitchen, Outside Pleasures, Celebrate Living, Kids Corner and Good Clean Fun." I can always find great new ideas and tips.
Looking for Fall crafting ideas? Check out the HOMEspirations, Inspired ideas for home & live. Look for the free newsletter and sign up but look over all the great ideas. Delta is a line of paints, stencils and such wonderful products. I've been subscribing just to keep up with their new products but now they have a complete edition every month. Look down the list but don't stop at Fall Accents, look through all the other features and enjoy. You will need to look for the name Tiffany Windsor and look forward to unique ideas and excellent crafting products when you receive her email.
Lots of free activity ideas; books for sale with the best of all ideas. This page is for their free email newsletter. "Bright Ideas for Busy Families."

This is a seed catalog and website. We've enjoyed their selection for years but they had always charged for the catalog. I found the website, then I found their free newsletter and then I found their free catalog. I signed up for both. This has always been our favorite long before we found any others. 

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit association dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with free, confidential face-to-face and email business counseling. Business counseling and workshops are offered at 389 chapter offices across the country.

This site is better than ever! Last time I had made a visit to the site, I had to go through the Small Business Administration website. Not anymore! The first thing I notice is that they have free monthly email newsletters. I signed up for all of them.

These are retired legal experts and you choose from those available in your own state. I depend on our tax advisor to answer any and all questions about our business venture. I ask and he gives the advice I need to make our business decisions. He takes the time to explain the how and why. We bought the TurboTax program and when I still ran into more questions, he explained every term and what to put where and why. This is a US government site and an excellent resource. 

This page is called Practical Water Gardens but it has or offers links to many sites with vast knowledge on everything of the pond, plants and fish and all the how to do it yourself projects. I was looking for ideas on making my own from the many leaky water faucets around the place. Excellent source.
This is part of Reader's Digest but you do not have to accept all the offers. They will give you a free issue of Family Handyman printed magazine. They also have a free email newsletter from Do It Yourself dot com. I signed up for both. These are only offered to US residents.
I had kept one of the veggie pages to go back and look over and ended up on the tomato page and couldn't believe all the great choices. Why are we buying hybrids? We cannot save their seeds or at least we shouldn't. Black tomatoes? Victory Garden! Now I know what the folks were talking about when we went to the Montgomery's house. They had a garden that was to remember & strive for in one's own backyard. It was called their Victory Garden and now I understand!!

They have a full line of veggies (and flowers) both for northern and southern gardens even though they are located in West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. The descriptions are complete and well-detailed. They offer a free weekly email newsletter and  I signed up!    

Of course the recipes include using the Betty Crocker mixes but they sure have some excellent ideas. I was surprised to find a newsletter but I signed up and so far so good. 

Look under Fishin' Fun Menu; on that page, look under Goin' Fishin' Cupcakes for the fishing poles made of straws and dental floss. What a cool idea. I was glad I went and looked around. They have one signup where they let you know when the coupon stuff is reduced in price. I could never afford the full price even with all the points required. Quality stuff but I need a discount !

Breck's- Bulbs Direct to you from Holland since 1818. I found this as a page for shade loving plants but they also offer many excellent collections. I've been getting their free newsletter for months now and love to look through the also free catalog they sent out. Check out that Rosy Cloud Daffodil. Awesome!!
Michigan Bulb is bulbs but also roses, perennials, trees, shrubs, vines, vegetables, fruit, herbs and much more. They may be "up North" but we've ordered many items that are still doing great. One is the Wall of China tree (2) that are now about 30 foot tall. This opens on the Shade Loving Plants page but you have links to all parts. If it tells you Zone 7 and you are not, put in your own zip code. We are zone 7; I couldn't make it quit.
Diabetic Gourmet is a magazine for extensive diabetic information. The website is an excellent source of valuable information. They have lots of recipes with a lot of free email newsletters to choose all or what you want. Worth the time to look around.
This is a site full of useful help for gardening. They say, "Bareroot Roses and Fruit Trees, Garden Accents & tools." Besides the bulbs and seeds. Request a catalog, sign up for the free newsletter. Register and know what's good for your Zone. It's free. Read through articles and the gardening forum. Excellent !
If you have your own small business or have been thinking about having one, this page will give you lots of choices in free email newsletters. There are many from different states and while you are there, see what else the site has to offer.
This is an excellent website if you enjoy catalogs and Xeriscape learning. The company is High Country Gardens and the page offers many things. You can order a printed catalog, you can check out the Garden Tips and order free email tips or read them online. We already get their catalog but I ordered another anyway. I ordered one each of the email info brochures. Very good information!

If you have any interest in Homeschooling or know anyone who will in the future, sign up for the free newsletter from our long time member, Sharon. Her website is  oh so nice. She has done so very much to promote her wonderfully insightful book. Go to the site and send her an email letting her know you'd like to be on the mailing list for her newsletter called Homeschooling Tips and Bits. It is FREE.

If you go to the Homeschooling Section here in this newsletter, you will find another of her outstanding articles. Child-friendly recipes. I sure like that! Awesome to say the least!

Wanda Lynch sent this in as a great crafting website and it certainly is that. There are also plenty of tips, theme and project ideas, magazine subscriptions and renewals, a forum and submission guidelines. There are also 7 newsletters to choose from all on a crafting theme. They print their own magazines and will offer you good subscription deals. The newsletters are free. The website has lots of hints and tips, Crafting 101 and even recipes. Thank you so much Wanda! 

Fish and everything about fish. This not just how to heat the breaded fish; this page gives you complete safe handling of raw fish, deboning, shopping, a fish glossary and lots of recipes. They offer a free email newsletter that I am signing up for. 

If you go to the promotions section, they offer  3 free Jazzercise classes but read the details to find out what is required there. They offer an online coupon 75 off on 2 packages of their Grilled Fillets. Read what they say about how you "might be required to pay a small fee..." But they also mention looking in the box you buy for more coupons. 

This page lists 10 offers to choose from; some with downloads, some short term emails and some with on going newsletters. These are designed for children of all ages, parents and teachers. 

Warning: A popup will appear upon leaving the site, but at least now, it will go away when you click the X in the top right corner.

This is the canned vegetable website but they have a free newsletter, loads of cool recipes & lots and lots of coupons to print out. Go to the AgriLink Foods and find the Dear Aggie column which is their monthly recipes. Then find the Aggie Archives with everything past but this company also has Comstock so there are lots of fruit filling recipes.
American Education's Online Newspaper of Record. This is for teachers and education administrators but the registration and newsletters are free. has ezines for sports fans. Find NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, pro wrestling and more.
I was looking for crafts and found this site with lots of free knitting and crocheting patterns. You can be a member for $12 a year or they have a most interesting newsletter where you will get a free pattern every month. Look in Other Great Links; excellent collection of information.  Look for Mailing List where you can sign up for the newsletter with great information and facts. The Tips and Tricks Section is compiled by those with great skills to make it easier for new people to learn how. This is an awesome website.
Fine Soccer. Just like it says. They say, "Teaching the game of soccer, one letter at a time." Free newsletter, learn soccer and goalkeeping.

This came in from Wanda Lynch. While you do get a free magazine issue, you can also sign up for the free newsletter and download a free book.

I just found something that you might want to include in your newsletter for free stuff.  The magazine, Prevention, is coming out with a new magazine called "Organic Style" and are offering a free trial issue. You can cancel after the free one when you get the bill. Plus Organic Style also has a free newsletter and when you sign up for it you get to download a free book called "Shades of Lavender".  It looks really interesting!  The address is  or you can call 1-800-365-3276 and mention code J2PM190 for a free issue.  I joined the newsletter and also sent for a free issue of the new magazine!  Anyhow, I just wanted to pass this along.

Thank you Wanda!!

This is the place for a fisher person to enjoy looking around. Find How to Fillet, fish ID, aquatic recipes, lots of photos in the gallery and loads of articles.

Sign up for the free newsletter, Funky Fish Files. Each month you'll get the latest off-the-wall fishing news including the latest gossip, fun photos, and neat fishing tips.

I enjoy getting my monthly newsletter. There is a lot more science than silliness but I do need to raise some Godzilla Fish. 

Check out the website and see all the different areas of information. The newsletter is seasonal, four times a  year but I'm always looking forward to getting the latest. I always find something useful and one day, I will order that repair tape they advertise. Awesome.

If you enjoy museums, you'll like this site. It is Nebraska but hey, the idea could catch on. Nebraska has produced some very interesting people. I signed up for their "occasional" newsletter but it's best to keep this site with your favorites so you can go when you are looking for interesting museums in your state. The only online state is still Nebraska.

This website is for iVilliage and the page is for the printed magazine, Good Housekeeping. On this page, find The Peggy Post Note Generator. Fill in important info and get help with wording and correctness. Find hints for thank you notes, a condolence letter and a business letter. A most cool tool. 

I had not seen a Heloise column in ages and here it is. Also topics from food to parenting, they have many topics from which to chose. When I signed up for the newsletter, it was to give a little popup window to say that you had succeeded. About the time I gave up and closed it out, the little window said that I was indeed signed up for the newsletter. I was just glad it didn't sign me up for all 10 times I hit the key trying to get it to acknowledge the task.

The subscription price for a year of the printed magazine is just $10 and that' not bad. I remember it being a great reading source of info but I haven't subscribed to anything but Countryside in a long time. You can learn a lot at the website; it is not like most that merely refer you to the printed pages for the real story. 

I had been to this site long ago and had been getting their free newsletter for quite a while. It's monthly but their site is just full of helpful information. If you have a specific question, ask it of the Repair Guru. They can help you find the parts you seek and help you through the doing it yourself. Excellent site, sign up is easy. 

The website opens easily and quickly. There was other advertising but there were no pop-ups and it opened fast on my old machine.

Find many cool craft ideas, beading supplies and all related instructions. I signed up for the "free newsletter" but that was many months ago and I never got even one. In the Homespun Creations Section, I have listed another beading site that does not sell supplies but does give you lots and lots of great ideas for free. 
Subscribe to receive a new jigsaw puzzle by email every day. They offer a free membership where you can upload your own photos, make them into puzzles and share with your friends. 

This is a valuable source of health, fitness, diet and how to prevent problems. The free part is the monthly newsletter. I signed up. The site page says there are contests and special promotions. They have surveys and a real message board and a way to ask an online health expert for professional advice. I look forward to getting their newsletter every month.