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You can earn a free pattern of your choice from Simplicity if you share a sewing idea and it is used in their newsletter. Click above link to view the page giving you all the information you need. There is even a spot where you can subscribe to their most lovely newsletter. I always enjoy getting mine and looking to see what they have to offer.
  •  call 1-800-S-DAKOTA (1-800-732-5682)

"The Lewis and Clark Trail follows the Missouri River, which was the explorers' primary route through South Dakota in the fall of 1804. In many places, the trail remains as rugged as in Lewis and Clark's Day. Tall cottonwood stands line the river's banks, which spill out onto rolling bluffs. It's not uncommon to see pronghorn grazing. And you can visit sites that the expedition wrote about nearly 200 years ago. Places like Spirit Mound, Big Bend and the Arikara villages. To get a free Lewis and Clark Trail map, call 1-800-S-DAKOTA (1-800-732-5682)."
Sign up to receive a most beautiful Texas State Park Guide, free edition. Just visit the website. You will find a sign up for email updates. Or you can download the guide or pick one up at park offices near you. Texas that is.  
We love the Gorton's fish products and I had asked where their fish comes from. I made a trip to the website and discovered they have a newsletter. A fun site to visit.
I got my free magazine trial copy and sure enjoyed it. And it is a regular full edition. Lots of information and advertising as well. It really is free, they don't send a bill; you must go back and subscribe to get more. 
Open this link and you will visit Chanel Cordell's pages. Her business is named Little Drone Apiary & Crafts. Look for her article called Honey Bee Facts. On that page, you will see the link to her favorite site, Glory Bee! They offer lots of great information but also a free catalog.  
This is the sewing machine company and the link takes you to their projects page. Even if you don't have their particular model of machine, there are complete directions for lots and lots of projects. You don't have to download the pages of instructions, just view everything and then decide what you want to keep and give a try. Many great ideas to inspire your future projects.
This is the free catalog page for Paradise Water Gardens. They will also send you a Free Guide to Water Gardening. I didn't have the time to check out their online catalog or read through their other categories. I was glad I kept their address and plan to go back and look around.

This is HP the office equipment manufacturer. They have a lovely site just packed full of teaching you all about their products and how to use them. They also have part of the site devoted to Creative Ideas and Projects. On the opening page, look to the middle right side for that section and take your choice of Photo Projects, Seasonal Projects, Cards & Stationery, Scrapbooking, Quilting and Home Office Ideas. Only if you are seeking product service or information do you need to tell them if you actually have their product yet.

 This is the meat company. Everything from raw to processed ready to heat and eat. They offer a Free fresh chicken solutions newsletter. Visit Cooking Smart, Cooking Classroom and the FAQ's. There are also products of Pork, Beef and Deli. Find lots of great recipe and how to ideas.

  Their offer of a free issue is no longer available but this site holds the index for lots of great articles. Well worth saving and visiting again and again. 

The following is from their website:

COUNTRYSIDE is the truly original country magazine (established 1917) serving that branch of the Voluntary Simplicity movement seeking greater self-reliance (homesteading), with emphasis on home food production. This includes gardening, small-scale livestock, cooking, food preservation, resource conservation, recycling, frugality, money management, alternative energy, old-time skills, home business, and much more.

COUNTRYSIDE features reader-written personal experiences and photos straight out of our family albums, making each issue just like a long letter from friends who are living the good life, beyond the sidewalks.

The following was sent in by Wanda Lynch: I also have an address for a free seed catalog. I got one in the mail and it is packed full of information! The address is and I got my catalog in a very short amount of time! Thank you so much Wanda ! I went to this site and requested the free catalog. While I was there, I signed up for their free email newsletter. Nice site ! (There are lots more websites listed in the Lawn & Garden Section that offer free catalogs and newsletters for those interested in gardening.) Nita

This page offers much to sign up for; a collection of sites related to pet needs. They offer a free newsletter, a pet club, free samples of pet products and an Ask A Vet site. 
Dr. Scholl's is all about foot care. The site has problems & causes and what to do; much info about products and their line of shoes. When you enter the Win a Day at the Spa Contest, you get free samples. 
 This page is everything about planning the ultimate wedding. Sign up for their free newsletter and get a free copy of the magazine Wedding Bells.

 This requires that you use two stamps and two envelopes but then they will send you 5 bookmarks. The site is The Mystery Reader and they have all sorts of reviews and all sorts of mystery categories. Libraries can get lots of these but they need only send the proper postage. While you are there, check out the site!

 This is a page where you can print out your own Christmas gift cards. They are so cute, colorful or print in black ink. Use the system to fill in the to and from and even a message. Or print them out and fill in later. Yes, the are M & M's and it is from the Red & Yellow Bright Ideas Newsletter. I get mine every month. They have lots of fast & easy ideas and check out the other holiday fun ideas that will take you throughout the site.
This is Avery Products, the label company. This page will show you their sweepstakes and special offers they have going right now. They want to show you all their products. 

Make a phone call: 1-877-615-6937 That's the Lowe's NEW number to call to sign up for the Garden Club. I just got my 2003 calendar and it better than ever. It is loaded with "Garden Secrets" sent in by their Lawn & Garden Club Members. I loved last year's and this one is even more impressive. You also get the 4 times a year Garden Club Newsletter. It is loaded with projects, tips, ideas and profiles. You get a look at the latest in products and get some great ideas on things you can do. 

Learn Spanish for free. Lots of methods, translations. Only pay for premium service. The regular membership is free and I plan to go back later and check out that A-Word-A-Day. I could go for that.
Baseball America Magazine. No obligation, free issue.
Workbench Magazine, Home improvement projects for woodworkers. Get a free preview issue.

Whether you’re an avid birder, or just enjoy the company of birdsong in your backyard, you’ll want to get to know American Bird Conservancy. Protecting the birds you care about, and the habitats they depend on, ABC addresses the full range of environmental threats to birds, including habitat loss and degradation, pesticides, predation by alien species, fishing practices that endanger shore and sea birds, and more. 

  The above is straight from their website. I'm going back right now to sign up for my free issue. Then I want to go back and check out the home page and see what the site is all about.

Hunting Illustrated magazine offers a free trial issue. "Resource for Hunting Trophy Mule Deer, Elk and other Big Game in the West." Have a hunting question? Ask Mr. Mule Deer. Sign up for the free newsletter and check out the club membership.
This is the Culligan Water place and is a great website; easy to use and nothing flashes to hurt the eyes, no pop-ups and they only advertise their own products. On the top left of the page, just under the name, click on "Subscribe to Our Newsletter." They offer a free water analysis, free video, free literature and a free water test kit. Know what is in your water and what it needs.

You will have to wait for a really slow pop up but you can sign up or update your membership and get a copy of their booklet, "Classic Holiday Cookies." You will fill out a survey but it is worth the moments taken. You will get a monthly newsletter with great ideas. On the site, find Recipes and Meal Ideas, Baking, Basics, Entertaining and Pastries, A Baker's Gift Shop and ooh, look at the Ultimate Brownie recipe. The recipe search is so easy to use. 

  They are not just a butter producer anymore. They have flavored butters and blends, cheeses, sour cream, pastas, mac & cheese, cocoa classics, Pop Secret- popcorn by Betty Crocker with butter by Land o Lakes. Did I mention the grain-fed, happy chicken eggs? 

This is a collection of links. Most are free clip art sites; read all small print since most you will have to join some program and agree to the terms. They do specify that the artwork is free for non-commercial use. There are many gift sites with great gift giving ideas. 

Wanda Lynch has sent in a goodie to share: There is an offer for a free sample copy of Field Notes Newsletter.  Mailing address P.O. Box 417747, Sacramento, CA  95841 or toll free 1-877-603-4220. Thank You Wanda 

 This site is HGA, the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. and the above link takes you to their page offering a complimentary copy of their magazine. It is published quarterly and is a benefit of membership, which is $35 a year. I sent off for my issue and will look forward to receiving it and seeing what they have to offer.  
This is a U.S.A. government site with lots of good info on milk and it's benefits. No mention of allergies though. I signed up to get 2 stickers and 2 posters. Just right for the younger g-kids. This site has much more now than it did years ago when I added them to this page. They have most items in Spanish if you should want. Lots more to look over and everything said "free."
You must respond to these offers by mail but they are not just kid's disaster packets. Look over the page and see what you can order for the kids, for free. It is a government office and you will only be out the postage, paper and envelope.
Do you enjoy boating? It is time to get ready for the summer season. This site offers free subscription to their printed magazine Go Boating. You can also sign up for coming email newsletter on electronic boating. Easy online signup.