Sandhill Cranes in Arizona

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The Sandhill cranes are back.  Saw them flying the other day.  It froze last night and should be 26 degrees tonight.  It was only in the 60's today but no wind.


The cranes are flying around and pretty to see them.  They commute from the playa to the Chiricahua Mountains in the morning and back to the playa in early evening.  We also have owls, lots and lots of hawks and hubby even saw a lynx the other day.  This was the first year we had large bands of sheep gleaning the alfalfa fields.  My herding dogs go crazy when we see them. 



Hi, saw the cranes returning today.  It is a nice warm day here; temps around 75 or 80 with no wind; yea.



I saw the cranes heading for the playa today.  Our weather was perfect; 75 degrees with light clouds.  Little rain tonight.  Don't know if you heard but Carla Emery died.  It is on the forum to contribute to a memorial in her honor.



The cranes are eating the corn in the fields.  They breed and stay until spring so they will be here.  Usually they fly around for exercise and teach their young.  Right now they are just eating; don't think the young are born yet.



Our weather has turned cool.  Today we heard the Sandhill Cranes coming to Willcox.  They should start in earnest soon and the sky will be filled with them.



Forgot to mention the Sandhill Crane festival is going on this weekend.  We are starting to see groups flying over our farm and we can hear them coming.  The goats couldn't figure them out at first.



We have Sandhill Cranes migrating to Willcox, AZ through January to lay their eggs. There are huge flocks of them that glean off the corn fields and then lay their eggs on the Sandhill playas. The website is wings over Willcox if anyone is interested in more information. (See links above)

Our weather has been very cold and set a record the other night with 8 degrees. We were out of town and arrived back home to a broken pvc pipe in our goat barn. We are expecting rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It should only be 26 degrees tonight.