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Recipe Goldmine

This site has tons of household and food recipes. BUT don't visit unless you have a firewall that will protect you from invasive cookies. Looks like someone sold their newsletter or message board and now have a big collection of information. We thank Leonie Edge for letting us know about this place.

The Food Network

Patricia recommended this site for their search and they do have lots of recipes. The search didn't find what we were looking for but they have lots. 

King Arthur Flour

I have never seen this brand of flour in the grocery store but they have a great website. Lots of easy to browse recipes. As with most others, their very best recipes are only for sale in an advertised cookbook. 

Pastry Wiz Food Resource Center

The PastryWiz is more than just desserts. They have grown nicely over the years I have enjoyed it. They have a free newsletter they send out with link and new recipes.

Diana's Kitchen

As with the following site, this page has lots of casserole recipes. But they have lots of others as well in many categories. Just look around.

 Just Casserole Recipes

This page is all casseroles and the name is Just Casserole Recipes. They are neatly divided by main ingredient. Easy to use and most friendly.

Accidental Scientist, The Science of Cooking

This site is the Accidental Scientist, The Science of Cooking. Looks like many super recipes and all the how and why. They have the greatest candy section I've ever seen. Okay, I didn't get any further than that but I'll go back soon. They even have a cooking forum.

I found this recipe site from a link on gardening info. They have almost 3,000 recipes just in the veggie section. They have the very best recipes for sale in a special cook book. There are lots of flashing icons but no pop ups in sight. The categories are divided and very easy to use.

Mostly Desserts

Mostly Desserts and other Culinary Atrocities. What a great idea. A big collection of wonderful dessert recipes.

Bulk Foods Storage Systems

No recipes or cooking advise or tips. If you have ever seen a super bargain on bulk flour or other kitchen basics, but you couldn't consider the purchase for lack of suitable storage, this site has all sizes with handles and airtight lids. A worthy investment in saving more money!  Wanda Lynch recommend this site years ago and I am proud they are still in business.

The Recipes Folder

Lots of recipes here. Be warned that this site was prepared by a vegetarian who thinks everyone should also follow. The meat recipes are referred to as dead animals. A very plain site, no ads, no adornments at all, no updates since 1997. Looks to be a grad student project.

The Healthy Potato

They say: Naturally Nutritious- Always Delicious. This website is about potatoes but not just potato recipes, complete meal recipes using potatoes. Some most interesting tips and suggestions. Worth checking out this site.

Solar Cooking Archive

Look under Plans and you will find all sorts of ideas. You can probably use something you have on hand. In the Documents section, there are many scattered recipes but there are some really unusual and most unrelated topics. In all different languages. I couldn't find this site when we'd asked Arlene Correll to write an article about Solar Cooking.

Bobby Banana's Home Page

Bobby Banana's Home Page. Yup, a Dole Banana!! The chef Bobby Banana on a skateboard is most cool but the red tennis shoes are the best! To join Bobby Banana's Fan Club, you must download Shockwave. I did not join. You don't need it for the Bobby's Favorite Banana Recipes. S'Mores....ooh. I didn't know that 15 seconds in the microwave would make a marshmallow puff. Some excellent ideas to entice children to enjoy using and eating fruit.

Cherry Marketing Institute

Cherry Marketing Institute, USA grown cherries. Check out those health benefits; keep age at bay, can relieve arthritis. Sounds good to me. Kids connection is puzzles, cherry history, coloring pages, unscramble words to find secret messages and recipes.

Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes

As featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The film festival in the current events was in 2002 so this is an old site but the information is factual. Lots of recipes and where to buy the insects you want. 


This is the site for Smucker's Jams. Find lots of recipes and tips; even ask a cooking question. Sign up for Smucker's email updates. They usually have a contest going. The Smucker's Smiles has kid stuff like coloring pages. We use their growing line of sugar-free jams and jellies. So very good. Heated and drizzled over lemon cake, that's so good. 

Cooking on Venus

This is a very simple site with few recipes but they are neatly divided into categories and there are no complicated advertisements. Looks like it might have been a school project.

Spice Advice from Tone's Spices

This site is about spices, Tone's Spices, Since 1873. Brands include Durkee, French's, Spice Island. Meet the Tone Bros. and learn spice history. Site provides great Favorite Recipes, Spice Usage and Encyclopedia and FAQ files.

Food & Drug Administration

Find lots of special interest topics related to foods and drugs; but if you go through "A Reference Shelf" in the middle of the page, you will find lots of Search and Reference site links. You will also find many libraries and dictionaries. 

The Sargento Cheese Company

The Sargento Cheese company has one really great website. Their brand is hard to find in this part of the country but they offer so much information, it is hard to pass up!   They have Recipe Central, Quick Search, My Recipe Box, Ask Questions. They have a contest going where you could win $100 for your cheesy recipe. The Recipe of the Day was English Muffin Pepperoni Pizzas. The Rush Hour Recipe was Homemade Wraps! YUMMY!! and pictures of each.

Pork- The Other White Meat

Lots of super recipes with easy search; the place to look for pork cooking charts. Daily recipe suggestions and Did You Knows; and a free monthly email newsletter. They have where a youngster can make a chef's hat and look like a professional chef. (Look under "Links" to find their link.)

Recipe Source

 RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes and your source for recipes on the Internet.

Real Lemon/Real Lime

ReaLemon- ReaLime website with helpful hints and products info. Find lots of zingy recipes. Join the Recipe Club and get their free newsletter with Recipe Ideas and Special Offers. Each of the company's products has a website link listed.   

Fleischmann's Yeast

This is the Fleischmann's Yeast website. Choose US or Canada and then you will find Recipes of the Week, Just for Kids, and in the Site Contents you can find Beginner's Kitchen Help and more. Quite a site!


 The Lipton Kitchens site has so many recipes, demonstrations and videos. They have links to other Unilever products. Complete history of tea and all sorts of tips and suggestions. Look in the very top right corner to find their free email newsletter. I just signed up.

Swanson Broth

Swanson Broth is part of Campbell Soups but has its own great website. Send for your free cookbook, sign up for your own free newsletter and enter the culinary contest! Always recipes to look forward to reading.

Campbell's Soup

This is the site for Campbell Soup. They have their own free newsletter, Meal Mail, to sign up for so they can send you lots of recipes. Visit the Recipe of the Day for some new ideas!! Look for the Cooking from the Heart Section. Ummm.

Sign up for a free diet assessment. Lots of tools and calculators; recipes and meal plans; motivation and support when you need it.

The Cook's Thesaurus

The cook's thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations and suggested substitutions. Has a search or select from topics and browse. Check out the Ingredient of the Month! 

Quaker Oatmeal

It looks to be a terrific site. As you open the page, look on the far left and you will see topics What's New, Oats & Cholesterol, Oats-Fiber & Diabetes, Nutrition for Women, Health Professionals, Smart Heart Challenge, Recipes and Quaker Toddlers. The site offers a regular newsletter and a Toddler newsletter. Take  your pick.

All Foods

I couldn't get the "MinuteMeals" section to open but the 170 Twenty-minute gourmet meals works just fine. In the weekly letter, they give you a Tip of the Week that is well worth the reading. So many tips and ideas for the busy family trying desperately to plan meals together with very limited time to spend cooking. I've never tried this recipe site but I look forward to the tips and tidbits. I looked through the site and saw no cookbooks for sale. They offered the celebrity cooks and other areas to interest recipe seekers.


Find the answer to every turkey question with so very many recipes. They had a free calendar but that was back in 2002. I signed up for the free email newsletter and still get it. Well worth the reading. They became part of the ConAgra family and lots of the fun part of the site disappeared.


That is Sunkist Oranges and the soda of course. They have more recipes than ever and the Sunkist Kids section has lots of fun stuff for children. 

Eagle Brand

This is a great site but I gain lots of weight just reading the recipes. They have recipes for desserts and drinks. I signed up for the free email newsletter and still get it. I must admit that I change many of their recipes to use the condensed milk we buy with the Splenda we must use instead of sugar that comes with the Eagle Brand milk.

Land O Lakes

This is the Land O Lakes Butter website but also a great storehouse of recipes and meal ideas. There are Baking Basics, Entertaining and parties, Happenings, Events & Contests. They feature recipes of the Month. I must go back and look at "Secret Ingredient Recipes." They have coupons and a recipe brochure; there is a dinner & dessert planner and a keyword recipe search. The have a simple rewards club to join. 

Reynolds Aluminum Foil

The Kitchen Connection from Reynolds Aluminum. Theirs was probably the very first free email newsletter I ever signed up for. Usually it only comes out every other month but always has lots of great tips. Read up on their Cooking Charts, Tips, Timesavers and check out the Contests!