Three days during the week I drive back and forth to Papillion, NE to take Tim over to his care center. I've been watching the river rise, heard tear wrenching stories and am currently watching a house boat tied up along the Iowa side of the Missouri River sink day by day. Tim and I have driven out to little Pacific Junction to see the ground water inching upward through the fields. Our Mosquito Creek looks quite full today and it seems like when it rains it just dumps. (I'm quite glad I had the presence of mind to install a rain barrel at the front corner of the house, it fills with every rain and is attached to a hose running away from the house.) I think every house along the river is gone. All the places we love to camp at are gone or are under water.


This evening we stopped at Fareway and bought a few groceries. A single farmer (had to be)/farm worker in front of us was laughing with another single (had to be) farmer/farm worker about how lucky they were not to have problems with rain and floods and how rich they were going to be and how they didn't care if a box of cereal cost $15. Oh, and by the way, they got quite a chuckle sharing that South Dakota had barely been able to get their crops in at all. I've heard other people say that this doesn't effect them either. You would think just the sadness and misery quotient should factor in there somewhere.


It seems to me that this is pretty short sighted gaiety. Down the road there just may be a time that you can't find a box of cereal, or bread or milk or meat. All they grow in this state is field corn and soy beans, you can't eat either one. If people with horses are very short sighted and spend their money on say, more dogs, another horse or a bigger motor home, maybe there won't be any horse hay for them to buy down the road a bit. I'm  just saying.


Anyway, this a a very sad situation going on here. A friend in Billings has said that it just won't quit raining. The fires are horrible too. Lets drop to our knees before the Lord with what is going on here, all of it.