9 Ways to Use Extract Flavorings


1. Use flavors such as orange, strawberry and vanilla to flavor homemade milkshakes. Just mix milk and ice cream in a blender or stir with a spoon if you have no blender and then add flavoring to taste.


2. Use peppermint extract in cookie dough and brownies. Sugar cookies can have orange added to them for a tasty flavor.


3. Add cinnamon extract to a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.


4. Make butters with flavorings. Simply softened the butter and mix in the flavorings to taste and top toast, muffins and pancakes with the flavorful butter.


5. Add cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla or mint to whipped cream. Try your favorite flavors for this as well.


6. Add flavorings to water and make your own cherry coke by adding a few drops of cherry extract to coke.


7. Add to cakes and cheesecakes.


8. Pancake syrups, chocolate sauces and puddings are also a great place to add some flavors.


9. Homemade sweet breads can take on a variety of flavors by using one extract or combining some.