Our Blue Jays have been known to eat the corn.  The squirrels eat only the hearts!  It's really wasteful.  I bought a "squirrel mix" and naturally it's more corn than anything.  They love the peanuts.   I had an "oddity" last night. I put out a bad orange for the Finches.   But instead my squirrel ate it!!!!!!!!!!! 
We tried to get a picture of him eating the slice but just never were fast enough. Have you ever heard of a squirrel eating an orange????   I've had them eat Cheetos, bagels, peanut butter on bread and apple slices, but never an orange!
I've fed the birds old All Bran cereal but they won't eat Rice Krispies. They, and the squirrels love Cheerios!   So I buy the plain label cheapies for them.  All my critters love Famous Dave's biscuits (up here they don't put the jalapeno  glaze on them), KFC biscuits or any type of hamburger or hot dog bun.   I think because they are sweet.   So nothing get thrown out in the garbage here!

We had a warm day yesterday. In the upper 50*'s. Then the wind blew in last night and it's only in the 20*'s today.    Last week we had a freak snowstorm that hit and missed a circle in our area. We were the lucky ones in the snow-free circle!   Parts of Omaha got three inches of snow and other parts stayed dry. It was crazy!    You could see on the weather map our area was untouched.   Rick worked in Omaha that day and the airport ( northern part of city) was dry. Offut AF Base in South Omaha got the three inches.  We've had rain too. and thunder.   Not supposed to get thunder until Spring.....April.    
There were no bird tracks in the snow around it.  It's sitting on top of a chair cushion container. Rick went right out and cleaned all the snow off.  The sparrows sit on the edge.  They and the squirrels are the only ones I've seen use it. I watched the juncos "eat" the snow.  I have one squirrel that would stretch from
the railing with his back legs and hold on to the birdbath with his front!  I wish I could put a video camera outside some days.

Mine works great. Only problem is there is only a 12" cord!  And the instructions say not to use an extension cord. Ya, right.  Most house outdoor outlets are more than a foot off the ground!  We used a heavy duty outdoor cord and taped the ends together with electrical tape to keep moisture out of the connection.   Some mornings when the water is down there are beautiful crystals all around the edge!    I also need to sit it one something like a piece of plywood next year. The container top is slanted so the bath isn't level.  Oh and it doesn't make the water hot.  It stays cool.    Bought mine at Bomgaars.  It was a little pricey...$35 or $38.  It has a little wrought iron pedestal. Maybe that's way it was a little pricey. 

I was using the cheap dog dishes for water and they were getting knocked off the railing and breaking. Figured I'd already spent about that mount in replacements. Will go back to the dishes as soon as the temps get in the 60*'s and stay there.