Brrrrrrrrr    It's 5  here this morning. I just finished sweeping last nights snow off the deck so I could feed my birds.  I've been feeding them a little more often since we are having such frigid temps.   If the feeder is empty, they sit on the railing and look at the house as if they are saying, "We're hungry".  I also started putting seed out at night, so it's there in the early morning.  Our big Eurasian Doves haven't come to eat during the day.  I know they are still here because I see them on the wires. But for some reason they don't want to come to the feeder. So I'm hoping they eat that "early bird special".

We also bought a heated birdbath this year too.  But it's for drinking more than bathing.  I used to put small plastic dog dishes out with water in them. But this year they kept getting knocked off the deck and breaking.  We have a new generation of "klutzy" birds.  So I decided to get the heated bird bath.  That thing is great. When we had our blizzard there was 9 or 10 inches of snow where it sits...but the bird bath was operating and left a big hole in the middle of the snow. From afar it looked like an outhouse seat!  

We have a huge flock of Juncos this year.  We started out with only two and then one morning we had a huge flock!  Our Cardinal population has increased too.  We also have a pair of Nuthatches.  Oh, and three or four woodpeckers.  We don't have as many House Finches as we did last year.  Maybe because we have an overabundance of Starlings and Blackbirds.  I go out at least once a day and scare them off.  And as soon as they leave the little Juncos return. 


More blowing snow!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are in a Winter Weather Advisory until noon tomorrow.  Yippee.   WE are expected to get anywhere from 3 - 6 inches more of snow.    Will keep you posted.