Southeast Arizona Chronicle of Climate & Conditions by Narita Siegel


It is below 100 today; nights are about 60.  Nice and sunny but we had a gusty wind Thursday; awful.  N


We had snow yesterday; cold temps in the 40's and 29 last night; burrr.  Should warm up later this week.  Very windy prior to the storm though.  A little rain but not enough to measure.


Weather; should be very windy today; lows in the high 20's and highs around mid 60's.


Should be in the 60's and 30's all week.  Frosty a.m. and a bit breezy in the afternoons.


Hi, our weather has been great. High 60's during the day and 39 at night. It should be very windy today; hope the dust does not blow around too bad. We sure need rain.


Days are in the 60's and nights mild at 40 or so.  Clouds today and chance of rain Sunday.


We had snow flakes yesterday; around 38 degrees.  It did not stick though.  Here is what the internet says about us:  Hope it is not that cold. Click here.


It was nice today too; although only in the 50's.  No wind so that is good.  We got .06 inches for the previous 2 days.  It is supposed to really windy tomorrow.  Temps tonight should be 26 and highs 56 tomorrow.  Rain Sat. night and Sunday. 


It got to 47 today; after a low of 21.  Supposed to be a low of 14 tonight; burrr.  got the wood stove going strong.  Warming to the 60's this weekend.  N


Weather in  the 60's today; lows 42; snow later in the week possibly.


Nice temps with lows around 50 and highs 75


We had a nice cloudy a.m. with temps upon waking in the low 60's; high was around 85.  A little rain early and late after a sunny afternoon.


Yes, we cooled off to 84 yesterday and 69 last night.  We also had .6" of rain Friday night.


Hot and dry. Days are about 100; nights about 75.


It is hot and humid but no rain since Saturday. 


We got a half inch; really nice and cool too; around
95 degrees.
, over a half inch of rain yesterday and it is raining now.  We sure needed it.  Temps have been hot and humid.  Around 90 and not sure about lows.

06-25-11 Forecast

Sat. 98/72 Sunny

Sunday 99/73 Isolated Showers

Monday 102/67 Mostly Sunny

Tuesday 102/68 Isolated Showers

Wednesday 96/71 Scattered Showers

Thursday 94/69 Scattered Showers

Friday 95/65 Scattered Showers


71 this a.m. and going up to 93; it has been very windy too


It is 100 today with 26 mph winds. Should be 60 tonight. We need rain.


It is 98 degrees with 43 mph wind gusts.  Should be 50 mph tomorrow.  Supposed to cool a bit Monday then 100's starting Thursday. 


We are about 98 and 58 at night.  No rain.  Just winds.


Weather is in the low 80's during the day; 55 at night; no wind today but high wind warning for tomorrow.


The weather here has been fantastic. Highs around 80 and lows 50.


Nice day today; around 70 and tonight about 30.  No wind which is great.  We do need rain though.


Nice and warm with sun today.  They are totally wrong on flurries.  We are in a valley where it hardly ever rains.  About 65 today with light winds.  Nights had a light frost. 


Forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE.


SNOW today! ! Forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE.


No snow yet but very cold.  It was 20 yesterday; warmed to about 56.


Current radar and forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE


We had some rain tonight. Forecast, CLICK HERE.


Forecast, CLICK HERE


We are having clouds and hoping for rain.  It is 92 degrees right now.  We went to the farmers market today and sold eggs, cukes and plums.  It was fun and we met some nice people. Nice Forecast, CLICK HERE.


We are getting rain and cooler temps; it is 72 this a.m. and cloudy.


...we had some (rain) but not enough. Forecast is: CLICK HERE


It is 99 right now and no rain. Forecast is: CLICK HERE. (Look above for the link and go to Narita's site and see all the doggies)


It is 104 right now.  Forecast is: CLICK HERE.


Windy and dusty; no rain.  Temps are about 80 and 50 which is nice.  Pups are growing; 9 weeks Monday.  Two are gone but 3 are sold altogether.


Hi, it was about 103 today and windy.  Been that way for awhile.  We are wishing for rain too.  Narita

P.S. You can see our pups on the website.


Hi, the temps have been about 90 and 50.  Pups are doing great.


It was perfect today; about 75 with a slight breeze.  The day before it was about 65 for a high and a light frost.  Very windy yesterday. 


It was breezy today.  Temps were around 75 and should be about 45 tonight.  We had a litter of pups Monday.  Desi had 11 babies and they are doing good.

04-03-10 through 04-10-10 Forecast


It was very windy today and blowing dust.  It was 40 last night and 70 today.


It has been very breezy and cold for a few days.  Few sprinkles on and off but no big rain.  We had a bit of hail last night too.  Temps around 32 at night and only mid 50's during the day with WIND!

02-19-10 through 02-25-10 Forecast


We had it all today.  Dust, wind, rain, microbursts and blowing snow!


51/37 should be our high and low tonight.  We are getting rain today. 


Nice temps today in the 60's and 40's tonight.  Rained Thursday all day but nice so far.


We had a snow before Christmas but that's all.  It was about 55 today and about 33 this a.m.  Beautiful last 4 days with no wind.  A bit colder today with a east breeze.  We hope to get rain Wednesday.  Otherwise pretty much the same here. 


SNOW ! ! !, click here It snowed this morning.  Cold with a high of 48 and 33 tonight.


The Sandhill cranes are back.  Saw them flying the other day.  It froze last night and should be 26 degrees tonight.  It was only in the 60's today but no wind.


Not many frosts lately.  There were some killing ones the week we were gone and they killed my veggies.  Temps today 79 and 49 nights.  No rain. 


Our weather has been warm but pleasant at night.  No rain or frost yet.


Not much rain where we are located.  More wind and dust storms.  Maybe tonight though as they predict it.  Days are around 99 and nights around 75.


We have had lots of thunderstorms and lightening, etc.  Knocked out our WiFi.  We are back.  Days are about 103 and nights about 69.  We need more rain though.


Weather is great.  Days are about 94 and nights about 54. 


Our weather has been windy.  About 90 during the day and 50 at night.


Weather was nice in the 70's during the day and 40's at night.  Some light winds.  No new pups yet; due in 2 months though.  Hope all is well with you. 


We are at 75 today; nights about 40.  Really nice for planting.


It is very windy today.  About 60 degrees so far.  Tonight should be about 32 and tomorrow rain and colder.  I'm taking the 3 dogs to Eloy for herding.  Hope we don't get wet.


Hi, the weather has been great.  Cold in the a.m. (around 40) but 69 or 70 during the day.  Tomorrow should be windy but 80 in Tucson.



The weather has been in the 70's during the day and 40's at night; perfect.  I was to several dog trials and also forgot to update.  Garden is gone as we had a frost or two.  We bought a lake view lot near NM so we plan to go there in the summer.  I posted some new photos on the website of working dogs. (Go and visit)



Nice and cool here after several days of rain.  It is to be sunny all week.  Temps in the 70's at night and 90 daytime.



We had a lot of rain on and off the past week.  Making things grow with hot sun in the a.m. and rain in the p.m.



Our weather has been dry and hot.  Around 100 today and very humid. We expect storms but they never come. 



We had some winds but not too bad.  Temps in the 70's during the day and 40's at night.



It was nice today.  About 65 during the day and a light frost in the p.m. 



Yesterday was beautiful.  It registered 80 on the porch and no wind!  Alfie got her Started Sheep title at the ASCA herding trial this past weekend.  She also got one leg towards her Open title.  We had so much fun!  Now she will have a STDs before her registered name in ASCA.  It stands for started trial dog sheep.  Hope you are getting our good weather too!



We are having wind tonight and cool.  It was in the 60's today but breezy!



We had cold weather these past few days; only 26 the other morning.  Today it was frosty but will warm to 62 this afternoon.  No snow. 



We had a good Thanksgiving.  It was windy, cold and a bit of rain yesterday.  It was only 45 for the high and probably the low was above 32.  It did snow in the mountains yesterday.



Weather was nice today.  It was 77 for the day and about 48 at night.  No wind.  Yesterday we got .2" of rain; we needed it.



It was 100 in Phoenix Sunday.  We are about 80 with nights in the 50's.  Beautiful! 



It was nice today.  It was about 82 and about 54 at night.  And, no wind. 



No rain lately; about 1/10th of a inch 2 weeks ago.  It is cool; 49's at night and high 70's during the day; very nice.



We are expecting rain from the storm in Mexico, Henriette.  We had a half inch this afternoon.  It has been so dry we need it.  Temps tomorrow should be 85 and 65 for the low.



We had a little rain last night.  Today I had to water though.  Very humid with temps about 85 and lows of 70's.



We probably won't get rain tonight; just in the mountains.  Maybe Fri. or Sat. 



We are getting rain today (had lots last Sat.  too).  It is about 85 during the day and about 68 at night.  Gotta love the monsoons in the desert!



We are having sunny days in the a.m. and cloudy and windy afternoons with no rain.  Tucson gets our rain unfortunately.  It is about 72 at night and 100 during the day.  The garden was OK to work in today but too hot after 10:30 so I'm computing with my dog lying on the floor at my side. 



Weather is about 97 and 65 with a few rain drops today and a half inch night before last.


It is hot here 102 and 66 at night.



We are very hot (100 plus) with nights in the 65 to 67 range with light breezes.  The garden is growing weeds faster than I can pull after our 1 1/2 in. of rain 2 weeks ago.  Other than that we are waiting for the monsoon rains.



We had a horrible rain on Monday that really damaged my tomato and other plants.  It was about 92 today and should be hotter tomorrow.  The low should be 60 tonight.



We had a hot day today; 92 and about 70 tonight with a breeze.  The garden is doing OK but should heat up this week. 



No rain here.  It was in the 90's this week with lows around 55.  Nice breezy days; not too extreme.  Started the garden with melons, tomatoes.



Weather was 101 in Tucson with a breeze here but hot too.  I guess it was about 92 in Willcox.  It is nice tonight.  We had rain 2 weeks ago about 1/10 of a inch.  Hope you are starting to enjoy the summer.  I've been planting the garden with kale crops and some melons.  Tomatoes are ready in the greenhouse along with more melons.



Yes, we did have all kinds of weather.  Snow, rain, lightening and frost yesterday.  Nice sunny day later.  Greenhouse has plants ready for spring too.



The weather is warming up (after about 1.3 in. of rain last week.)  It should be 91 in Tucson today and nights in 40's (we should be a bit cooler).  I haven't seen the cranes leave yet so you must be in for more cold weather in the east.  Our mesquite trees haven't leafed out yet so more frosts and cold are on the way for sure.   Hubby tilled up my garden and rototilled it.  I'll plant the first of May. 



Finally got some rain yesterday after 75 degree days last week.  We got 1/2 inch yesterday and getting rain, lightening, thunder tonight; yea!  Temps are mind (40's at night and 60's during the day).



Yes it has been nice today and yesterday (82 in Tucson).  We have cold nights about 25 but about 75 now.  No wind either.  We are fine and I'm even starting some seeds in the greenhouse.


We got snow!  About 4 inches of the white stuff; really pretty.  The highs were in the 30's.  They had the Wings over Willcox a few weeks ago; glad the snow didn't come then.


Hi, weather was very cold (22 last night) only made it to 45 during the day.  We need rain; not the wind we got yesterday.  Had our first fire 2 days ago.



We had a cold night; about 49 degrees.  Today it was windy with temps around 80 degrees. 



Finally had a rain storm with real drops.  Sure hope it keeps up. 



The weather has been dry, dry here.  Not too hot yet and nights are always cool here.  The animals are fine except you knew we lost our beloved buck Fabio.  Both of my does had 3 kids and all went to good homes.  The puppies are all sold but 2 boys.  We are thinking of selling the milkers and all but 3 sheep.  We want to start traveling in the RV as my hubby will be 81 the end of this month. 



The weather here has been nice; days are in the 80's and nights are in the 40's.  No rain but we could use some.



Our weather has been around 32 at night and days are around 70 with winds one day and calm the next.  We had a few rain drops last week and they are predicting rain later in the week.  Cross your fingers for us.



We are expecting rain tomorrow night.  Hope it comes in buckets as we are really dry!



Boy are we getting cold and windy!  It is going to be 28 in Tucson and all this week.  Sure hope we don't get broken pipes


Our weather has been beautiful.  In the low 70's during the day and 40's at night with no wind.  A few clouds today but nice.


The weather has turned cold at night (20's) but warms up to high 60's during the day with lots of sun.  No wind today either. 



Today was beautiful.  It was 29 degrees this am but warmed to 77 this afternoon. 



Our weather is warming up and no rain lately.  We cool to the 60's at night with days in the 90's. 



The weather has been in the middle 80's during the day and mid 60's a night; perfect!  We had some rain last week but dry now.



We are finally cooling off due to the rain.  We got 2 inches last week and almost the same yesterday.  It is cooler at night and that's great; garden is growing weeds faster than veggies though.



Thanks for the birthday wishes.  We are having hot temps with no rain.  Still planting the garden late this year.



We've had rain for 3 nights.  Tomorrow it is supposed to heat up a bit but no 100's yet.  About 90 today and lows in the 60's.



We had about 103 today; hot for this time of year.  The weather should cool down by Thursday to 90 and windy.



It has been nice; in the high 70's by day and 45 or so at night.  A little windy but not too bad. 



We are having nice days except for the winds.  The daytime temps are 70's and nights 40's.  Some raindrops last week.



We are having weather near 70 degrees in the day and 32 at night.  Should be up to 80 on Friday in Tucson.



We had rain the other day and it washed out our road again.  We have sun today with temps around 65 and 35 at night.  Expecting more rain Friday; we need it though.


It is windy today and warm but we should get rain.  We sure need some.



We are having rain and frosty nights 29 tonight and 59 tomorrow.



Our weather has turned cold and windy. 40 mph gusts yesterday while trying to clean out the goat's stall. The nights are near freezing.



We are having temps in the high 60's during the day and mostly low 50's at night. We had a little rain yesterday and are expecting more Friday.



We are expecting our first frost at 30 degrees. The high was 66 with a strong wind. We had a little rain 2 days ago.



Our weather is cool at night (about 45) and 75 during the day with little wind.  We have had some rain but need more.  Should get some next week.  Our dogs were startled by the sound of the Sandhill cranes.  They are starting to come.  No frost here yet. 



Our weather has turned cool.  Today we heard the Sandhill Cranes coming to Willcox.  They should start in earnest soon and the sky will be filled with them.



We are having cool nights and warmish days. No rain.



We have had nice weather and coolish. We had rain Sat. & Sun. which we needed.



We are having temps in the low 60's at night and highs around 89. Had a few rain drops 2 nights ago. We sure need more rain from our "monsoons."



We are finally getting lots of rain. Temps in the low 90's during the day and 66 at night. It washed out part of our road today. Will be fun seeing what really happened tomorrow.



We are getting a nice rain this afternoon and tonight. Temps are in the high 90's during the day and mid 60's at night.



We finally had some rain this week. One night a cloudburst. Two nights ago we had a good rain for several hours. Days are muggy with 90's and 50's at night. We reached 99 today.



We are having lightening and thunder but only a few raindrops so far.  Daytime temps in the 90's and nights are 60's.



We had high winds and a few raindrops on Thursday.  Today it was in the low 90's with a few clouds.  The nights are mid 60's.  Might get more rain Monday, DH's birthday.  Pray for rain.



Our weather today was in the high 90's but dropped to 50's.  Winds were light but no rain.



We are having days in the high 80's and nights in the low 50's.  We have some days with very windy weather (35 mph) and others with none.  Sure could use some rain.



We have had a strange day.  It was Smokey from the fires and hazy from storms in NM.  We have had highs in the upper 90's and lows in the low 60's.  Hope to cool off nights again as well as the days next week (in the 90's).



Our weather is nice and cool but breezy.  We should start our summer warm up on Tuesday with temps in the 100's in Tucson.  We are 89 during the day and 50's at night. 



We had a really windy day.  Highs in the high 80's and lows in the mid 50's.  No rain in sight.


Our weather is gradually heating up.  Our evenings are still cool being in the 50's and days in the low 90's.



We are having hot days and coolish nights (91 days; 53 nights).  No rain in sight.  We hope to cool off a few days next week.



Our weather was nice and calm today after yesterday when it was 60 mph winds.  No damage here but neighbors had trees downed. 



We had a really windy day this week.  They even closed down I 10 on the freeway.  Today was in the high 70's with a breeze.



We have had a real mix.  Yesterday cold and rain with blowing dust as well as on Friday.  Monday is nice; in the 70's.  I'm ready for summer. 


We are getting lots of rain the past few days.  We even had a power outage from 4 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Saturday.  We need it so that's OK.



We are having great weather; in the high 70's.  Yesterday afternoon was windy and warm with a slight dust storm.



We are having great weather.  It has been in the 50's at night and high 70's during the day.  There is no wind but only slight breeze late a.m.  Pray for our rain as we are behind schedule.



We had a nice sunny day; in the 70's and even able to wear shorts.  We are working on the greenhouse construction, replanting started veggies, etc.  Hope to have the Sprinkler World expert here this week to plan for the new market garden area.



It was cold and windy today after 2 days of rain and a few snow flakes.  Should warm up later this week.  I'm ready as my fingers are ready to plant the garden. 



We are finally getting some much needed rain with a little hail, thunder and lightening.  The days go from high 60's to high 50's so off and on with good stuff. 



We are having a nice warming trend; hope to get to the 70's today.  The nights are just above freezing too.  The cranes are still here on the playa.  Not sure when they leave but there is still corn, etc. for them to eat.



Our weather is warming up days but still frosty at night. The rain is gone for now. We had a little wind today.



We had about 3 inches of snow today; what a nice surprise.  It melted after noon.  The Sandhill Cranes are still here.  



We are having rain on and off during the week.  It is really needed in our area and doesn't appear to be too hard.  We are having nights about 30 degrees and days in the high 60's.  I personally can't wait til summer to plant all my seeds. 



We finally had some rain on Wednesday which we needed.  It is supposed to rain again Saturday.  The nights have been above freezing this week and the days are in the 60's with little to no wind except for one day. 



This past week has been nice (high 60's) and no wind except for Friday. The nights are in the high 30's instead of the 8 degrees we had 2 weeks ago that burst our pipes in the goat pen. Tucson should have 75 plus this next week with no rain.



Our weather has been very cold and set a record the other night with 8 degrees. We were out of town and arrived back home to a broken pvc pipe in our goat barn. We are expecting rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It should only be 26 degrees tonight.



Our weather is in the 70's and cool nights near freezing.  No wind.  Merry Christmas to everyone. 



Hi sorry for no updates on our weather as it changes from minute to minute.  Yesterday was warm and sunny in the high 70's) and today it is very windy.  

We expect lows in the 20's according to a local crop duster.  Apparently they get a special forecast that others don't (from a private source they subscribe to).  We had a nice rain a week ago; some areas got 4 inches which is a lot for us. 


We had our first frost on Monday and Tuesday nights.  The days are in the 70's with breezy afternoons.



Our weather here has been in the 90's during the day but in the 50's at night and windy afternoons.



Our days in southeast AZ are still in the low 90's but nights are high 50's.

Our rains are over for the most part. Looking forward to cool temps and getting rid of flies, snakes, and others. 


Hi from southeast AZ. We finally got our rain yesterday and today. We are hot and humid but that beats the hot and dry we have been having. 

The rain has just about put out the fire near Tucson so that is a good thing. We should get more storms through the week and cooler temps.


07-09-03 Notes from Southeast Arizona

Our weather in southeast AZ is hot but cools off in the evening. 

We are in the low 100's during the day to 66 at night. We are praying for rain as it is dry here.