Fuse Glass Right in Your Microwave!

Microwave Kiln sale

Want to create fused glass jewelry without the big expensive equipment then try our Micro-wave kiln. We are having a great sale right now on our Fuseworks Microwave kiln. Only $99.00

Beginners can get started quickly and easily. Create jewelry, bottle stoppers, drawer knobs and sculptural art. One of the most affordable kilns on the market, with Fuseworks you'll be making gorgeous glass jewelry, knobs and embellishments in no time!

Now you can create custom kiln-fired art without having to invest in a large kiln. Best of all, it works extremely fast. The 2-3/4" internal fusing platform is perfect for fusing jewelry pieces or embellishments in as little as 3 minutes. Lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage. Includes complete instructions. For use with an

800-1200 watt microwave with metal interior. Results may vary based on microwave.

Fuseworks Kiln has been tested safe for use in a household microwave. For more information go to our website now.


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