Think you need a Payday Loan?

Man Unknowingly Takes Loan With 300% Interest Rate

Reported by: Katherine Lane for Big Country Homepage...
Monday, Feb 8, 2010 @08:53pm
"They wasn't honest with me," said Garlon McDougle. "They didn't come out and tell you."

Since McDougle took out a loan in October of last year, he and his wife say they've been battling bills that keep coming from Texas Car Title and Payday Services.

McDougle needed to make a payment on a land lease he has near Winters. When he didn't have the money, he turned to the Texas Car Title and Payday Services. He took out a loan for $600, thinking he would be able to pay it off fast. Little did he know, he had taken out a short term loan, with less than favorable consumer conditions.

"I've made three payments on it and I still owe the same amount of money, maybe more," McDougle said.

The loan he's paying right now puts only $8 towards the loan, even though he's paying close to $180 every month. The rest goes towards finance fees and the 300% interest rate.

"As a matter of fact, that's a horrible way to borrow money," said Steve Abel with the Better Business Bureau.

McDougle came to Abel and filed a complaint. Abel says complaints like these come across his desk far too often.

"The fees just add up astronomically and the consumer really never gets out of the deep hole that they're in," Abel explained.

Abel says the BBB receives about one complaint a day, and that consumers should heed his advice.

"People get into a tight situation, need money fast, and these folks seem to be a way out," Abel said. "Unfortunately we see too many people get in way deep and there's just no way out."

For McDougle, the bills are piling up and his fixed income stays the same, making the loan just too much.

"I can't afford to make the payments, I live on a fixed income of $1200 a month," McDougle said. "My other bills come first, you know?"