Cherry Edwards in

Spokane, Washington


Here are several snow pictures, it has been incredible!  We've shattered all records for snow this winter.  Also many roofs on flat top buildings have collapsed due to the weight, buildings such as the grocery store where we shop, and churches and businesses.


Photos ...

1. The picnic table on our deck, with snow coming up under it ... yes it's that deep.

2. The view out our front door.

3. Snow covered firs near our place.

4. This snow laden tree looks like a giant walrus is resting in its branches.

5. My poor husband, Dale, plowing ... again!


We have a small tractor and there is a rotary snow blower attachment.  We have lived just outside Spokane for 9 years and never had to use the snow blower before, just the blade to plow the road.  We're thankful for this little workhorse.


Some interesting numbers.  Average snowfall in Spokane is 48" per year.  In December 2008 we received 61" ... yep, five feet!  The total for 2008 was 132 inches!