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We have been busy at Home Farm Herbery this fall drying herbs and getting the beds ready for next year.  We have blended some new herbs that are not yet on line in our Local Harvest store at this link  However they should be soon so you may want to book mark this page or subscribe to our newsletter. But they are available at our own Home Farm Herbery on-line store at this link

"Tread the Earth Lightly" and in the meantime may your day be filled with...
Peace, Light and Love,

Arlene Wright- Correll, Resident Artist

Check out our new $20.00 art gallery item today.


We have reduced the price of all our Ked�s casual designer shoes by 15%.  Please check it out now.

Arlene has been very busy. She has a new art collection page. CLICK HERE and look in page 21. See the new bird houses on page 20, aren't they pretty? CLICK HERECLICK HERE to read what she says for SearchWarp. CLICK HERE  to visit all of her pages. Check out all the beautiful artwork. CLICK HERE to see the Yessy Decorative Painted Items. Quite an assortment. There is a new painting titled Boy at the Well, follow the Thumbnails on that page to see lots of pictures we've never seen before.


Special Feature Articles:

How to Create Art with Pencils, Parts 1 and 2 (Articles for Searchwarp)

A Great Recipe for Peppers and Spinach� (In the Food and Eating Section)

Another Great Recipe using Herb's from my Mediterranean Herb Garden� (In the Food and Eating Section)

How to Create Fused Glass Jewelry� (Articles for Searchwarp)

What Memorial Day Means to Me� (Treasured Memories page)

See all of Arlene's Special Feature Articles, click here$3378 Hand painted Christmas Ornaments. Check this out and buy some heirlooms.
Look See ! Stained Glass Mini Mansion Workshop, CLICK HERE and read all about it ! On going classes.
CLICK HERE to see Arlene's latest painting, browse.

Kentucky weather, Click here

Arlene Wright-Correll has made some fused glass items of wearable artwork. CLICK HERE and look for page 14 which is now labeled that the page is fused glass so it's not so hard to find. But look down that page to the collection of jewelry. 
Arlene Wright-Correll is now offering classes in fused glass. In her Artwork section, look inside page 14 to learn all about Fused Glass and when the classes start and how you can sign up. She has a new section and now, it has a whole new look. I have created sections for finding the topics easier. CLICK HERE and look for the SPECIAL FEATURES page. You will leave PhancyPages but most articles are on her website. Look inside her Artwork Collection on page 15 to find new paintings. See the Home Farm Herbery pages at her own website.  Thank you Arlene. 
We do teach a 3-day vacation workshop at Avalon Stained Glass School called "Learning to Fuse and Slump Glass" and the price is $995.00 per person. The workshop includes instruction on learning how to cut the glass, fuse it, slump it and how to use the kiln. All the material, use of our tools and molds and you go home with all the knowledge you need to create your own or start your own studio and a nice piece of fused and slumped glass. If you would like to see some items and read a bit more about the process, CLICK HERE. Thank you Arlene. Look on page 14 for Arlene's latest item of artwork. CLICK HERE
From Arlene Wright-Correll: (Not just for Christmas... think birthdays and special occasions.)  We have two new sections opened up in our Cafe Press Store. "Welcome to Boot Hill" and "The American Cowboy" Both offer our newest postcards, greeting cards, note cards and several other great gift items. Please bookmark these pages and the next time you need a unique gift you will find it here and you will be helping the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This Bobcat is a recent painting by Arlene. This is one of my all time favorites painted many years ago.

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