Holiday Cooking



This is eatturkey. com and a great collection of information. I get their free email newsletter and enjoy it especially at holiday time. The page opens to the recipe for Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Fruit Dressing. From there you can access the recipe database. The "Consumer" will show many Tips and the "Chef Demos" has 30 of the big name restaurant chefs showing how to make some very impressive dishes for which they are famous. Excellent info and an easy site to browse through.

Farmland Foods

This site has changed a bit but the "Site Map" page gives you everything the old page had to offer. These guys don't just sell eggs anymore. Find great ideas for your holiday Season Survival, Lovable leftovers and Ham Cooking Instructions.

McCormick Flavor Notes

This is McCormick the seasonings company and they have a great free email newsletter that I can count on for hints, tips and great recipes! The link changed but this one will take you to the main home page where you can find all their is for the make Thanksgiving Memorable but it is packed full of great recipes for the holiday. It has a sign up but did let me browse the recipes without signing up.


More than just biscuits! Great site with many new ideas to try out. Look in the Gatherings & Celebrations, Holidays Section. Oh, and then go and see the Savory Supper Pies ! They also have a free email newsletter that is excellent !

Clabber Girl

This link will show  you the basics. Sign up to be a member and  you will have access to the Member's Club. I'd give you a peek but it's best you just sign up for yourself. They have so many great ideas and recipes, you'll find something new every visit.

FDA Tips to Prevent Foodborne Illness

This is a plain old page of information. Good knowledge about safety and what not to do with your food and preparation. Nice to have this handy for questions.