Fun Spring Activities

 It is time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. These 3 activities will be loved by the children.

Plant Flowers
Kids love planting things and with this project you can plant seeds or go buy flower plants to put in pots or flower gardens. All you need is the seeds, plants, potting soil and pots to put them in. Don't forget to water them.

Bird Nest Supplies
Let the kids stuff small strands of yarn, colorful ribbon, twigs and hay inside a net bag that onions or oranges have been in and then tie to tree branches for the birds to get and use in building their nests. The kids will be so excited when they see a piece of ribbon they supplied for the nest.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
This is so easy and fun to do with the kids on a nice day. I simply made a list of things to look for outside and let the kids go. Of course, for smaller children you will have to read the list to them and help them find the treasures.

Some items to put on your list could be:

The scavenger list possibilities are endless and will be different depending on where you live.

I just put about 10 items on our list and that way we get to have scavenger hunts more often and look for different things. This helps children look closer at nature and appreciate it more if they are outside on a regular basis.

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