The Bathroom Complete !

It has taken two years to finish our bathroom but it is well worth the wait. We have done everything except the bathtub liner and surrounding walls. We had that professionally done. Rick and I take pride in the fact that we have done 90% of all of our remodeling and refurbishing projects ourselves. We both take great pride in stepping back and looking at our work and knowing we did it all (and saved a lot of money!).  

I sponge painted the wall with sea sponges. I don't use the rollers. There's no challenge in using them. My opinion of them is "get the job done fast".  There's also no creativity in them. Roll it out and there's the pattern. With a sea sponge you are the one that makes the pattern(s).  I also have to give Rick the credit for the border. He is so good at matching the ends. We had originally planned on only putting the border on the sponged wall, over the door and over that little wall. Once up the rest of the plain walls looked so bare and gloomy.  Good thing I bought enough border!