I learned about the nasty stains a few years ago. Rick sent me a beautiful flower bouquet that included several lilies. The pollen fell on my tablecloth and left awful stains on it. As soon as I found them I sprayed them with Shout and washed the tablecloth immediately. I was lucky and got all the stains out. I later heard about cutting the stamens out. A wonderful hint! But I had never heard of the last tip of leaving the stain in the sunlight.
Avoiding pollen stains
If you cut lilies after the flowers have opened or if youíre working near your lily plants, be careful not to smear the grainy pollen on the blossom or your clothing. Lily pollen leaves a stain thatís difficult to remove. To avoid pollen stains, gently remove the pollen-bearing anthers from the stamens with tweezers, or cut them out with sharp floristís scissors. You can turn the flowers upside down and snip the stamens off with scissors and you wonít have to worry about getting the pollen on you or the
petals. And if you do this while youíre still outdoors, youíll minimize the mess.

If you do get pollen on your clothing, donít touch it with your hands or put water on it. This will only set the stain permanently. Instead, brush it gently with a tissue and place the fabric in direct sunlight until the stain disappears.