I am being Stalked

    How many times have we been told to plant marigolds around our gardens to keep the rabbits and deer out.  Well, that's a joke!!!  I have a rabbit that is sleeping/resting in Rick's marigold bed. As a matter of fact,  the last four nights in a row, I have walked out to the shop and have scared her out of the bed. She always comes from the same spot!
    Now this could be an exception. This could be my "stalking" rabbit. At the beginning of planting season I had a cute little bunny rabbit actually stalk me. I was cleaning up around my Iris and "felt" something was watching me. You know that feeling. The one where you know someone is watching you but are afraid to actually look and see who it is. Well, it was a rabbit. She was actually circling me. Every time I looked up, she was in a different section of the side yard, watching me. She never appeared frightened. She was actually calm and at one point was as close as two feet from me.  About a week later, Rick and I were sitting on the deck one evening. He started to laugh and told me to turn around slowly. There she was, standing on her hind legs, on the wooden walkway, almost behind me, stretching her neck to look at me. We watched and she went into the strawberry patch and right in front of us, nursed her babies! You just don't normally see things like that and especially out in the open, in broad daylight. The babies are gone so I figured she was too. Then just last week she was in the front yard, standing on her back legs on one of my rocks to look at me. Now she's in the marigolds. This is one cwazy wabbit. I'm beginning to think that maybe she's a reincarnated relative!