Reading To Your Children
Children love listening to you read them stories. Here are a few tips to get you started and make a fun time for you all.
1.Pick a book that the children will enjoy. Find something they are interested in at the time and get a book about it.
2.Pick a time when everyone is rested and ready to settle down for you to read the book to them.
3.Read until they get tired of listening. You will know when they don't want to hear anymore.
4.Find a comfortable spot so everyone can relax.
5.Do an activity associated with the story. If it has a food in the story you can try to find the recipe and you and the kids can make it together. It could have a craft you could make.
6.Enjoy your time together.
I hope you will find these simple tips helpful and please keep reading to your children even into their teens don't stop just because they are getting older.
Angela Billings is the founder of a weekly online newsletter Home and Family Ezine