One of those Weeks


     Instead of "one of those days" I've had "one of those weeks". Unfortunately it has actually gone on to be two weeks. You see, I have the worst luck with new appliances. Over the years I have bought several new appliances  with a 90%, first use,  failure rate.  This all started back in the 80's with my new G.E. washer. I had worn my first one out so I bought another one. The delivery  men brought it on a Saturday morning.  I had a weeks worth of laundry waiting for me and had planned on spending the entire Saturday  doing nothing but laundry.  I put the first load in and Rick and I were sitting  drinking our coffee talking about how quiet the new machine was.  (We have a split entry house with no door to the basement, so you can hear clearly).  I had no sooner said that when there was a terrible boom.  We ran downstairs to find the washing machine had stopped.  Upon looking inside we saw the clothes were still in water but the tub was now lower than it should be.  The belt had broken!  I called the store where I had purchased the washer. I was told there were no repairmen after noon on Saturday and was directed to call G.E.   G.E. wanted to fix this washer and I refused.  Who knew if anything else would go wrong.   They had a terrible time locating another washer exactly like mine, so I had to settle for them repairing the new one until a replacement could be found.  I have purposely left out all the "gory" details and nasty conversations.; but believe me, there were plenty before I got my new washer.
    Then there was the new  Kenmore  refrigerator.........The man told me to wait 24 hours before I put anything in it. That would give it time to completely cool . Well, 48 hours later I called them and asked why it was still warm inside.  Several days later (Sears only makes service calls to small towns one day week) I find out there is no freon in it.  So they want to put it in for me.  I don't think so.  I told them I wanted a new refrigerator.  And once again I was told it would be a while before they could locate one. Oh yes, and then it could only be delivered on a certain day! Grrrrrr.  My husband ended up calling them and telling them that if I didn't get my new refrigerator immediately, he was going to bring my broken one to the store and  "drop" it off in front of the main door.   I had a new refrigerator within a couple days.
    Last week I found myself in need of a new clothes dryer.  One minute it was working and the next minute I smelled "hot", like a motor might  catch fire. Normally I try to research  brands before I make a choice. I never expected my dryer to burn up, so I had to find one fast.  I decided just to go on line and see what Sears had.  There is a store right in Council Bluffs, just 25 minutes away.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could have a new dryer in a day or two! I searched the database and found exactly what I wanted and  then I checked the availability. Yes! It said "In store, ready for pick up".  Yippee!!  I called Rick and asked him to meet me after work at the store.  By the time he got there I had already bought the dryer, but not without a couple glitches.  That model was NOT at the store.  Nor was it in either Omaha store.  Now I would have to wait a good seven days before the Council Bluffs store got one in.  I decided that was OK and I would  wait and Rick would pick it up Monday for me.  I tried to convince him that it would be costly to drive the SUV pulling a trailer all the way to work (he works in Omaha). Why not come home and then go back to get the dryer.  He said that would be costly too..........In essence he was driving two vehicles in one day where as he would just "bite the bullet" and drive the SUV. OK.  I hate to admit it but that made sense. Except for the fact that he forgot the paper work and I ended up having to drive in to give it to him!  Yup, ended up we drove two vehicles anyway!  He got it home, installed it and Tuesday I was dryer clothes again. But, to top it all off.........the "end of cycle" buzzer doesn't work!  Now I'm going to have to call and try to get a repairman out here before the 90 day warranty is up!
    I think I may have a solution to my problem.  Several years ago we bought a new washer for my husband's retired parents.  We knew they were in need of a washer and that they are on a restricted income.  So we ordered them a new washer and had it delivered and installed.  They never had  one problem with it. (And trust me, if they had, we would have heard about it). So maybe the next time I need an appliance, I should have someone else go buy it for me. Maybe that will end my streak of "appliance bad luck".