Getting Ready For Picnics

By Angela Billings

Warm weather is well on its way and so is picnic time. This
is the time to get your picnic basket together and keep it
ready for spur of the moment picnics. The picnic can be in
the park, at the lake or beach or even at home on a rainy
Here are some ideas to put together a useful picnic basket.
Get a basket or even a sturdy tote bag that is big enough to
accommodate all that you want to put in it. Then make a list
of all the basic items you will want to include in your
Some items you might want to include are:
Blanket or Table Cloth
Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers or individual packs if you have
some on hand
Pre-Moistened Wipes
Paper Towels
Small First Aid Kit A good idea to have for small
Matches If you plan on grilling out
Trash Bags To clean up your picnic area.
The food you pack will be based on your likes and dislikes
but remember to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.
Keep your basket packed and ready to go at all times. When
you use your basket at a picnic be sure to clean it up and
restock it when you get home so you will be ready for the
next picnic.