Tips to Make Reading Fun

This list is for both young and old. I love reading and want everyone to love it as well. So I hope you will find at least one thing helpful in this list and that it will
inspire you to come up with some of your own.
1. Visit the public library if you can't get to the library you can also find some of the great authors works online. Just do a search online for "public domain books"

2. Keep a basket of books in an accessible place for everyone in the family. Put a variety of books in that the various members in your family will enjoy.

3. Make your own library. Keep your eye out at yard sales, thrift stores, online auctions ,etc for books then bring them home clean them up and put on your bookshelf. You can even encourage your children to "check out" the books.
Simply seal a business size envelope and then cut  the envelope in half and tape or glue one half in the back of a book and place an index card inside. Then the child places their name and the date they got the book on the card and the card is put into an index card box. Children love playing library. They can even let their friends check out books.

4.Read aloud to your family, if you live alone read aloud to yourself.

5.Start a book club among your friends.

6.Do a project that goes along with the book. This could be a craft or a recipe.

7.Make  or buy pretty bookmarks as a special gift to your children or yourself.

8. Simply enjoy reading and all the places you can go through books and all the things you can learn.