The first and second day of Spring was more like Winter.  The weathermen had everyone fearing we would get 12 to 24 inches, if not more, of snow.  At first one weatherman was calling the storm our "Two Part, 12 Hour Storm" .   It appeared he was  afraid to guestimate how much snowfall we'd get. But by Sunday evening he had dropped the "12 Hour Storm" idea and went back to trying to predict inches of snowfall.  Our section of Western Iowa  was a little more fortunate than other areas. Our snowfall was only 4 inches the first day; Monday.  The  second day, Tuesday,  we woke up to  more of the white stuff.  The totals are all different; with ours being  a good 10 to 12 inches.  The two day snow closed schools and businesses both here and in Council Bluffs and Omaha.  This was the first time all winter children had a chance to play in the snow and go sleigh riding.
I'll bet Mr. Robin was wishing he hadn't returned from Texas as soon as he did!   The birds were waiting for me to clean off their feeder and give them fresh seed and water both mornings.   It was hard to get a picture of them.  They were very skittish.  I  have sparrows, cardinals, house finches and three chickadees that  great me every morning for breakfast.  Yesterday and today they were  digging in the snow until I went out and cleaned up their feeder.  Even Mrs. Fuzzy Ears (the squirrel) waited patiently in the bittersweet bush while I cleaned the bird feeder. 

First Day of Spring 2006

First Day of Spring 2006

Second Day of Spring 2006

Fuzzy Ears, 03-21-06

Second day of Spring, 2006

As the snow melts, the Crocus appears