St. Patrick's Day Fun
By Angela Billings

Have a little "green" fun with the following activities.
Make Irish Toast - Simply get a piece of sliced bread and paint shamrocks on it using a new, clean small tipped paintbrush and water mixed with green food coloring. Then pop it in the toaster and serve when lightly browned.
Make Shamrock Pancakes - Use a heart cookie cutter and cut 3 
hearts out of the cooked   pancake and form in a shamrock shape. 
Make construction paper shamrocks - Cut 3 heart shapes out and arrange them in the shamrock shape and glue on construction paper. It is said that St Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity; which refers to the combination of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is said to be one reason for the  strong association with St. Patrick's day and name.
Make Leprechaun Traps -give the children boxes, string, ribbons, tape, glue, sticks, wood and other craft materials to help them make a leprechaun trap have children set the traps before going to bed, then while they are sleeping you can leave gold wrapped chocolate coins or something else special in each child's trap.

Blarney Stones - Let kids get smooth rocks from outside and bring in and wash them and dry. Then let them paint on glue with a paintbrush and then roll in gold glitter.

Don't forget to wear green!