Sprinkle Some Spring Color Around Your Home

by Angela Billings

If you are getting Spring Fever, below are some ways to sprinkle some early Spring color around your home decor.
  • Purchase a bouquet of colorful flowers in bright colors. Pinks, reds, purples and yellows add cheer to any drab room. You can find these at your local grocery store, even on sale sometimes! 
  • Clean your windows to make them clear and let the sunshine in.
  • Clear out the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months.
  • Add colorful throw pillows to your couch and chairs.
  • Put several floral & tropical scented candles around the room.
  • Change your tablecloth to something springy, floral or colorful.
  • Use a colorful basket to store all your gardening catalogs and magazines in. Then you can just carry the basket to your favorite chair and plan out your flower and vegetable gardens. Don't forget to add a pad of paper and pen!
  • Hang a colorful wreath on your door to greet your guests and yourself upon entry to your home.

If you have something that makes you feel like Spring by all means add it to your decor!

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