Celebrate the First Snow of the Year

Here in Tennessee we have not had our first snow yet other than a dusting on the ground which does not count as a "Snow" to the kids who are eagerly awaiting to play in the snow.

Sometimes as parents we forget what fun the first snow is or any snow for that matter. This year why not celebrate the first snow by having a Snow Party for your family. This is very easy to put together simply have some popcorn and hot chocolate or another warm drink ready to make on these days.

When the children (and You)  are finished playing in the snow come in and make your hot drink and pop the popcorn and then sit around watching the birds play in the snow and maybe playing a board game. If you have already had your first snow you can still put this plan to work with other snows to come.

Another idea is to keep a snowman kit ready. I can't tell you the times that we have had a good snow but no carrot for the snowman's nose!

The following would be useful in a snowman kit along with what you come up with. In a bag ( a snowman gift bag would be cute) keep hats that are no longer used, scarves, big buttons for eyes and mouth, plastic carrot or use fresh ones if you keep them on hand. You can use twigs for the arms and pinecones would be cute for a mouth or eyes, the possibilities are endless for making a snowman. The main thing is just have fun and be careful.

If you have any family snow or winter traditions I would love to hear about them. asb68@twlakes.net