My name is Chanel Cordell and I am writing to you from the mountains of North Georgia in Blairsville. We are right on the state line for North Carolina and about 45 minutes from Tennessee. My current home status is 1 husband Bob, 1 10 year old daughter Ashley, 3 dogs Bill (Blue Heeler) Tibbs (Tibetan spaniel) & Gypsy (blue colored mountain terrier), 1 tom cat Tigger, 14 chickens, & 42 bee hives. I have a 19 year old son who comes home when he wants to eat "Home is where they feed ya", and 2 step-sons, 22 and 30.

My hobbies include decorative painting, wood cutting, bartering, flower growing, crocheting, sewing and coming up with new ideas for honey and beeswax.

I tend to ramble, but plan on staying on topic. Usually when something comes to me I will just include it in paren's () so I won't confuse anyone. I also talk to myself. I blame my children. :)

My goals for this page is mostly beekeeping but I am sure it will slowly meander into any of the other subjects listed above.

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have just e-mail and she will forward it on. In the subject line, put To: Chanel Cordell.

Looking forward to e-meeting everyone.