Involving the Kids in the New Year Celebration


Help the kids ring in the New Year with these fun activities.
1. Make their own Times Square Ball - Simply get a large paper grocery bag and paint it silver, gold or whatever colors they desire and then add stickers, streamers, etc. fill with candy, confetti, toys, etc and tie with a ribbon.

Hang with ribbons that are attached in each corner of the bottom of the bag through holes that you have punched when midnight strikes let them pull the ribbon and all the candy and confetti will come pouring out.

2. If kids can't make it until midnight before falling asleep find a country with a time zone that has midnight arrive at a better time for them. visit this website:  
3. Make a float for New Years Day- Use a cardboard box or decorate a wagon with streamers, crepe paper, balloons and poster boards. Then they can have their very own parade .
4. Make hats by rolling up paper to form a cone and then stapling or taping it and decorating it.
5. Give them gift poppers that you have made-Take a toilet tissue roll and cover it in silver or gold wrapping paper by rolling it on the tube then twist one end of the paper and tie with lots of curly ribbon then the end that is left open simply fill with small candies, treasures and confetti and
then twist that end and tie the same as the other end. Take a push pin and poke tiny holes around each end of the ribbon so when the kids pull it it pops off easier and out come the goodies inside!
Start the New Year off with activities for the whole family and vow to do more and be closer as a family this year and every year to come!