The big day is over and now you have to think about taking all the holiday decorations down and putting them away. Instead of being tired and just throwing it all together in a big box you can do some things to get you ready for next year.
Here are some simple tips and ideas that I hope will help you be a little step ahead for next Christmas.
1. Make a Christmas card list of people who sent you a card this year and go ahead and buy your cards now for next season they are on sale at great prices. Put the cards and list together so you will have that ready for next year. I keep mine in a big plastic tub with a lid where I keep gifts I purchase throughout the year.
2. You can use sturdy cardboard boxes to store your decorations in or you can find the plastic tubs priced reasonably at the Dollar General stores, Wal-Mart, etc.
3. Buy gift bags, paper, bows, ribbon, tape and all the things that go on sale to replenish the items you used this holiday season. Making you another step ahead for next year.
4. I also go ahead and make my Christmas list for next year and purchase things throughout the year for people and put the items in my plastic tub. You can tape a list on top with the names of people you are giving gifts to and a place to check the name off when you have their gift.
5. Go through all your decorations, if some are getting old do away with them, if the lights don't work, throw them out. Wrap your ornaments in all that left over tissue paper you got in your gift bags, this keeps them from getting scratched up. Put your ornament hangers in a plastic ziplock bag. Don't store candy canes with your decorations as they will
melt and attract bugs, mice, etc.
6. Dust your decorations before storing them.
7. Make a list of things you would like to do; crafts or gifts you would like to make for next Christmas that you didn't do this year and put it in with your Christmas storage so you will not forget next year. Also if you did something this year that you do not want to do next year add that to your
8. Why not leave a small nativity scene displayed in your home at all times so you will always be reminded of that One Great Gift!