Easy Holiday Activities to Do with the Children

Scented Pinecones
Let the kids gather pinecones from your yard or buy them. Let them dry out and paint the tip with glue and sprinkle with glitter and cinnamon. Let dry.
Flour Tortillas
Powdered Sugar
Gently fold the tortillas into quarters, be careful not to break them.
Cut pieces out to make a snowflake design. Like the paper
snowflakes) Then you (the adult) fry tortilla until it is crispy. Then sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

Reindeer Food
Help the children make food for the reindeer. Simply mix birdseed, dried corn and oats in a bowl. Have children go out and leave it for Santa's reindeer to eat.
Giant Gingerbread Kids
Use brown package wrapping paper and roll it out and have your child lie down on it and then trace their body outline. Then give them an assortment of art supplies to decorate their gingerbread kid with. When they have finished cut the gingerbread kid out and hang on the wall.
Giant Candies
These are made out of the large size Styrofoam balls. Simply wrap them in colored cellophane and twist the ends and tie with ribbon. You can then hang them up around the house or on the porch. You can also insert a dowel rod in them and put them in your yard.
Homemade Bird Feeders
Feed the birds a Christmas Feast!
Take pinecones and smear with peanut butter then roll in birdseed.
Tie a ribbon and then hang in trees. Great for children to do. Messy but fun.
Merry Christmas!