Poetry, Life Stories & Memories by

Carl Evans

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Downpours and Fireplaces, Toys


Police Jury Storm Shelter, The Bayouland, A (Smart) Woman, The Hunters, Higher Learning, Pioneer Marriages, Thankful Living, I Like it Better, He's still Holding on to Me, Childlike Wonder, Behold the Lamb


The Greatest Gift, My Flower Buds, Aromatherapy, It Takes Time, The Tomb is Still Empty, O Can You See, God Has the Time, Ode to the Retired, Tenderhearted


Family, Wait on the Lord, I'm an American, A Saint's Testimony, Give it to the Lord, Bless the Lord, Hurts, God Heard My Mother's Prayers, I was - I am - I will be, Nothing Else Matters (but to Know the Lord)


The Old Shepherd, The Hermit, Old Time Preacher Man, As the Days Go by, The Eagle is still Flying, There Is, I've Got Sunshine, What Happened, I'm So Glad you Came, Climb the Mountains, So What Who Cares, Thank you Lord,  Being Thankful, It's Ok to Cry, Plowing the Land, Water Hauling


Comparisons, Having Company in Rural America, Milk Cows and Bitter Weeds, Communication (Lines), Starlight, I Cannot, To Be a Star, Faith, Getting it Right, Doodlebugs and Other Things; Horses and Mules


Broken Hearts, Thank you Lord, I remember, Possibilities, Silver Linings, Look Away, When the Storm Hits, Listening to the Echoes, Longings, Rest in Hope, No one but you Lord, Our Loving God, I want to see Him, Never Alone


My Life's Story

The Pioneer's Life

Imagine That, This Valley, It is God's Ministry, A Childless Mother, Keep on Searching, Chocolate, For Such a Purpose (Came I)


The Son is Shining, More Than a Carpenter, New Shoes to Fill, I Hear the Bells Ringing, Love Makes the Difference, God's Great Story, Praise Him, Safe Harbor, Sing a Song to the Lord, Ye Olde Church


Daddy Gone, Heroes, Who's on the Lord's Side, Make Your Own Tracks, Where are You, Why Are We Here, The Savior's Love, The Answer is Still the Same, Tell Me a Story, Running from God, When We Call, This Old Home, Happy Days, My Possession, Do You Remember?


Looking Up, Help Me Lord, Our True Friend, Follow that Dream, One Voice, Barren Lands, Today, Lonesome Bo


Fill Me Up Again, Innocent, The Greatest Star, The Story of the God-Child

I'm So Glad You Came, So What, Who Cares, Old Homeplaces, Unknown Soldiers, Santa's Shindig, To Our Daughter, I'm In Love With You, My Angel, On Your Wedding Day, Such a Beautiful Baby


Our True Friend, I Know He Holds My Hand, I Remember Mama, A Friend to Grow Up With, Down on Bull Bayou (Toro Creek), The Call of the Whippoorwill, As The Days Go By, The Eagle is Still Flying, What Happened?


Šuse these for GOD'S glory not for YOUR financial profit. these are copyrighted

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