5 Tips for an Easier Holiday Season

1.Use gift bags instead of wrapping gifts. So much easier and 
you can still use cute little package tie-ons for the bag 
handles such as candy canes, ornaments or anything you can 
think of. 
2.If you are stressed about what to give someone for 
Christmas simply give them a gift card in a mini 
stocking. Most people get too stressed over gifts for 
co-workers and friends that it takes the fun out of the 
holiday. I get gifts for those that are not closest to me 
first so I can concentrate on getting gifts for my children 
and husband. (Which are more fun to shop for because I know 
what they want or would like.) 
3.Wrap gifts or put in bags as you get them so you don't 
have a huge pile to wrap on Christmas eve. 
4.Indulge in something for yourself . I love to splurge and 
drink the whole quart of eggnog ( It is just an added bonus 
that no one else in my family likes it and a good thing it 
is only around for the holiday season.) 
5.If you have to contribute to the family dinner get what 
your suppose to bring ahead of time on your next grocery 
trip. Then you have it on hand and ready. 
If you cook the meal, ask your guests to bring their favorite dish saving you lots of time and stress.