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Home of Beautiful Australian Shepherds

Our friend Narita in AZ has been writing since July of 2003 and we have so enjoyed her notes.

The opening page introduction is from a page on her website. She has been sending us photos of her doggy but they have been kept in her Weather Notes section. Now, she has lots of space for photos and describing what they have to offer.

Let her know that you enjoy reading about their wonderful project. Click on the logo at the top of this page to visit. Spend some time and look around, you'll learn so much.

Narita Siegel would like to share a problem that is affecting their being able to raise dogs. " Maybe you can let others know about these potential laws trying to limit our freedoms. This trend is sweeping the nation.  If you have time read about what is happening to our rural way of life.  I'm not hard core but tail docking is part of a long standing tradition in the Aussie breed.  It is part of our breed standard.  As you can see it is wide spread around the country among various breeds. Thanks for listening. They are trying to eliminate people from docking tails and breeding altogether. "