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Home Farm Herbery

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Originally when I wrote the Bakers Dozen© it was done in all color illustrations and when I went to get it published it would have to sell at about $54.00 a copy. So in order to keep the price down, I replaced many of the photos with black and white illustrations and eliminated the rest of the photos all together. It still came out well according to the publishers and it is a good little book.

However, I have just been able to get the original manuscript published on a Data CD with all the original photos etc and have been able to keep the price down to $14.99. So for those of you who use computers and Data CD's here is the link for The Bakers Dozen© Data CD.


About the Author & Artist. Arlene Wright-Correll (1935- ___), popular American award winning Artist, published author, columnist, & art instructor, at the age of 68, decided to pick up her paint brushes again after 54 years and paint, in mostly gouache watercolors and pastels, the flowers, herbs and fruits that grow at Home Farm Herbery in Munfordville, KY.

Though she paints in all mediums, she likes to use the Gouache paints, which are a heavy, opaque watercolor paint, sometimes called body color, producing a less wet-appearing and more strongly colored picture than ordinary watercolor.  Occasionally, she will paint something from her world travels especially of Scotland , Ireland , or the Mediterranean . She is fond of those old memories. She is the resident artist and workshop instructor at Avalon Stained Glass Studio. She is a member of the Kentucky Water Color Society, Pastel Society of New Mexico , a Certified EBSQ artist and a nominated member to The Museum of Women ’s Art in Washington , DC . Ms. Wright-Correll is the creator and writer of Who’s Who in Arts and Crafts©, a member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society and a member of KAHT. Exhibitions: Women in the Arts, 2008 & 2007 Bowling Green, KY, Western KY University Celebration of the Arts, 2007 & 2008,  2007 South Central KY Cultural Center, Glasgow KY, 2007, Fine Arts winner at 2007 KY State Fair,  Artist of the Month, Horse Cave Book Store, 2006, 1st place winner Salis International, Colorado Springs, May 2005. Hydras Watercolors. She has studied Vitri-Fusaille” with Peter McGrain.  Her original paintings are sold quite quickly and one can always try and pick up whatever current one she is working on. The amazing thing about this "young" artist is that as a mother of 5 & the grandmother of 5, she is also a cancer and stroke survivor who is able to strive forward each and everyday to welcome the beauty of this small planet.


She is also a China & Porcelain painter, Stained Glass Artisan, Works in Fused Glass and Encaustic Art. She is one of the six KY Artists who worked 6 months to create the dolls for Journey Jots in 2006. Her books can be found on and her art at 

"Tread the Earth Lightly" & in the meantime
may your day be filled with...
Peace, Light, and Love,
Arlene Wright-Correll