These tips and ideas are great for the Fall/Autumn and Thanksgiving season.
Pick up acorns and let them dry out and then add to baskets and jars for a fall look.

Pick up fallen leaves of assorted colors and make an arrangement of them in a vase or maybe a jar.

Lay mini pumpkins and other gourds around the house and in baskets.

Hollow out a pumpkin to make room for a glass jar in which you add water to the jar and put flowers in the jar which makes the pumpkin look like a vase.

Hollow out mini and smaller pumpkins and use as candle holders. (If you light the candles always use care and common sense in any situation you use lit candles and never leave them unattended.)

Use mini pumpkins, gourds or leaves as name tags at place settings, simply write the name on the item.

Let the children make a pine cone turkey. Simply lay the pine cone on its side and cut small colorful feathers from construction paper and glue them on the large end of the cone and then glue wiggly eyes and orange paper beak for its facial features.

Use a light colored sheet as a table cloth and let all your guests sign  their name and write what they are thankful for. Save it and reuse it again the following year and compare from year to year what you are thankful for.
Have a Great Day!