10 Ways to Use Fall Leaves for Fun

Go on a walk and collect pretty leaves that have fallen from the trees. When you get home put everything on the table and get ready to make fall crafts. Here are some ways to use the bounty you have found.
1. Make a collage by gluing the items on construction paper.

2. Frame the pretty leaves and hang up.

3. Put some leaves and acorns in a bowl for display.

4. Give the children a piece of contact paper to arrange leaves, etc on and when they are finished put another piece of clear contact paper on top to hold it all in place. Makes a neat placemat.

5. Lay the pretty leaves in a line down the middle of the table to make a table runner.

6. Write each guests name on a leaf with a marker to use as a place setting.

7. Make leaf people, by gluing a leaf on paper and then adding a head, arms, legs and whatever else you can think of.

8. Make a leaf mobile - Put individual leaves on clear contact paper and cover with more clear contact paper and then cut out around the leaf and punch a hole in the top and add ribbon to hang it from a coat hanger. Add the amount of leaves you want.

9. Make leaf rubbings.

10. Rake a pile of leaves and play in them!