We had a bear get into and destroy 3 of Bob's bee hives yesterday, 2 different times. We set out there until 1:00 last night waiting on him to come back. I finally told Bob I had to go to bed I was tired. They don't eat the honey they eat the brood (baby bees) for protein. We were raising bees for next year so we wouldn't have to buy any. Tonight they are going to move all 30 + hives into our fenced in lot. They are going to leave some of the smaller ones out for bait and of course the ones he tore up. Hopefully we can trap him and have the game wardens haul him off.

Those bees were mad last night, we couldn't even set the hive back up just had to leave it on it's side.

We had a friend bring over 2 of his coon pups last night, they are 8 months old and come up to the top of my legs. They were really great they would bark like crazy all night and when they heard something get quiet. Backward dogs.

Other than that honey season has been full speed ahead. We are finished with Wildflower and have extracted 2 48 gallon tanks of Sourwood and have more to go. The bear event has out us 2 days behind. However, I am glad we got the supers pulled before he tore up the honey.  Hopefully, by next Wednesday it will be bottled and stored until we get to out shows to sell it.