Make Your Children Feel Special

Of course you love your children but sometimes we need to
show it more instead of thinking "They know I love them!"
Below are some ways to show them you are thinking about them
and that they are special to you.

Put a single rose on their pillow.
Fix their favorite meal and dessert.
Play board games, cards, etc.
Have lunch at school with your child.
Have a picnic in the yard
Read to them.
Hug them everyday.
Let them help you cook.
Put little notes in pockets, lunches, etc.
Tell them you love them.
Put their artwork where everyone can see it (even if it
doesn't go with your decor)

I hope you use these and maybe come up with some of your
own, after all they are your kids and you should know what
they like better than anyone!

Angela Billings is publisher of Home and Family Ezine, a free weekly with household tips and recipes.