Fun 4th of July Tips & Ideas by Angela Billings

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The 4th of July is well on its way! If you think you don't have time to prepare for this special holiday look what tips I have put together  to help you along.

1.Be very careful and have a safe holiday- visit this website for Fireworks Safety

2.Help the kids make this edible firecracker:
Give each child an unwrapped Twinkie style snack cake and a piece of red shoestring licorice a few inches long. Have red, white and blue cake icing and sprinkles available.
Have the children stick the licorice in the end of the snack cake for the fuse and then let them decorate the snack cakes with the sprinkles and icing. Enjoy!

3.Have red and blue koolades or fruit punches to go with the theme.

4.Put red, white and blue pinwheels in a pot or vase for a great centerpiece.

5.Pretzel Sticks- Cover with melted white chocolate and add red, white and blue star sprinkles.

6.Colorful Ice Cubes- Freeze red and blue juices/koolades in ice trays to make colorful additions to your drinks.

7.Say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing patriotic songs and be a proud American!

Come up with your own ideas- simply add some red, white and blue!
Have a Great and Safe 4th of July!