Easter Memories

I don't really remember it that way, but Easter Sundays must have gotten a mighty early start around our house when I was a kid.  Mom and Dad would always wake me up and a full scale hunt through the house for plastic eggs fill with all manner of goodies would ensue.  Dad took great pleasure guiding me to the hidden treasure with hints of "you're getting warmer," "oh, now you're colder," "you're burning up!"  When all the eggs were found, Dad would start giving me hints to find my Easter basket, which always held that most wonderful of treats...the chocolate bunny.  There were always a few other goodies in there and one special gift.  One year it was new pieces of furniture for my dollhouse, another it was a transistor radio and still another I remember getting a tape recorder.  And this was all before church.
    We went to Sunrise Services every year, no matter what the weather.  It was the only time we could be sure Dad would go and I loved being all dressed up and Dad always bought Mom and I corsages.  Dad was usually a pretty quiet man, but on Easter he would boom out the hymns in his deep bass voice.  What a thrill it was to listen to him sing "Up from the grave He arose, With a mighty triumph 'or His foes.  He arose a victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign..." as the sun rose over the church yard.  Following the service the church always served a buckwheat cake and sausage breakfast that we stayed for.  It was an especially yummy and welcome treat the years we stood out in the snow and bitter cold to celebrate the Savior's rising.
    Later in the day the family would always gather together for a large meal.  After which, the adults would sit and visit: the women pulling out their knitting, crocheting or needlework; the men chatting or snoozing through whatever was on television; and we cousins played board games or ventured outside if the weather cooperated.