February 28
    A huge snow storm was predicted for today and we did wake up to some freezing rain, but it quickly went back to all rain.  Many of the school districts either had delays or canceled.  Derry had neither and there was plenty of grumbling about it at the bus garage this morning since the drivers figured it was going to get bad sooner or later.  It didn't really begin to snow until mid afternoon and even then the roads stayed clear until after all the kids were home.  The road crews had been out

 salting all day in anticipation so the snow melted as it landed.
    I made it home okay, but Tim is now driving through Pittsburgh on the Parkway to get home and he had a rough time of it.  It was pretty late when he finally got home.
March 2
    Snowy, windy and bitter cold today.  Many of the secondary roads were nearly drifted shut and there was a lot of ice.  Nearly all the schools in the area were closed or at least delayed.  Not Derry.  We were out there right on time.  My boss is tired of getting up in the middle of the night to drive the roads only to have his recommendations ignored by the school district's transportation director.  What we figure is that he is getting a lot of pressure not to have any cancellations because we have a 6 day break at Easter.  A lot of teachers probably have vacation plans.
    I went to Weight Watchers with Deb tonight.  I knew I'd been bad....and I was right.  I'm back to where I started.  That was discouraging for a bit, but the meeting was very inspirational tonight and a lot of fun.  Deb was also back to her starting weight so we set a goal for ourselves to lose 25 lb. by Memorial Day.  That's just over 2 lb. a week.  Surely we can do that.
March 3
    Very cold again today, but at least there was no new snow and we did see a tiny bit of sunshine this afternoon! 
    Tim worked later today so didn't get home until 8:00.  The volleyball season is getting started so Matt got home about the same time.  Megan and I enjoyed a quiet evening together making dinner (ravioli, salad and Italian bread), eating together, doing chores and working on her homework.  She is having a lot of trouble with school and has a lot of work to make up.  She simply didn't do it when it was due,  but her teachers are giving her the chance to do it for half credit so she will at least not fail.
    All anyone is talking about today is a big local news story.  It's so terribly sad.  A 19 yr. old single mother has apparently killed her 2 month old baby.  Rumor says she was high on heroin at the time.  She says the baby was crying because she wasn't feeding it and she alternately choked and beat it to shut it up.  She actually killed the baby yesterday and didn't call her mother until today.  Rumor also says the mother's stepfather (in his 40's) was the baby's father.  What a terrible situation.  In a small community, something like this really hits home.  Matt knew the mother from school.  She was a senior last year, but dropped out.  He said she was know to have a problem with drugs.  I sort of know the stepfather.  He has a little girl that's 9 or 10 who rides my bus.  Megan knows that girl.  I had seen the mother when she was pregnant at the bus stop and I saw the stepfather at the hospital in January when the baby was born.  If the drug rumors are true, it makes it doubly sad and frightening.  Our mostly rural township is reported to have the biggest heroin problem in the county.  I'm beginning to believe it as it seems to be involved in a majority of the crimes you hear about any more.
March 5
    It was sunny and mild today with temperatures in the 40's.  Tim and I sat down over breakfast and looked through the bills and wrote out the checks for the ones that needed paid.  He dropped them at the post office and went to pay a few in person.  It sure seemed like he was gone an awfully long time.  Turned out he stopped at the Hyundai dealership in Greensburg and looked at a Sonata (my dream car).  We are really getting to where we have to have a new car and we're pretty sure it would take quite a bit to squeak the one we have through inspection in May.  We've discussed buying used, but we put a lot of miles on a car and the Hyundai's have a 10 yr./100, 000 mile warranty on the engine and drive train and a 5 yr./50, 000 mile warranty that covers everything but brakes and tires.  Anyway, Tim test drove the car and sat and went through everything to find out if we could get a loan and what the payments would be.  Now he has to call our attorney and find out if the bankruptcy administrators will allow the loan.  I hope it works out.  It sure would be nice to drive a car that you didn't have to worry about making it to where you were going.
    While Tim was gone the kids helped me get the whole house cleaned and do some laundry.  I wasn't feeling all that well.  Every once in a while I can tell my blood pressure is up.  I just feel odd, headachy, very stressed and very irritable.  With the kids helping, I could take it kind of easy and by midafternoon I was feeling better. 
    We went to the church at 4:00 for a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend of ours.  One of his sisters did it for him.  Boy, was he surprised!  They requested no gifts, just to come prepared to share stories about the birthday boy.  Clyde is blind and a real character to boot so there were some pretty good stories told.  What a fun time!  We had to hurry when the party was over to stop at the store for some chips and pop and get home before some other friends of ours arrived.  We'd invited them over to play games, eat pizza and just hang out.  We played Texas Hold'em with the set Matt got for Christmas.  Tim started out doing pretty good, but Dave ended up with all the chips.  I'm pretty sure he lets the rest of us win for a while to let the game go on, because once he started winning he just kept going.  No one is that lucky!
March 6
    It is nice to have the Sunday paper delivered right to the back door, but this morning I could have gleefully strangled the carrier.  Dave and Helen didn't leave until a little after 12:00 last night so by the time we cleaned things up and got ready for bed it was quite late.  The paper arrived with a loud whump! at 6:00 that woke Scooby up and started him to barking.  No one else woke up, but I couldn't get back to sleep after that so sat and read the paper.
    Everyone managed to get up and get ready for church and we were even a little bit early today.  Not at all normal for us!  Pastor had a really good sermon about being good stewards of what we are given.  It was very practical advice.
    We went to Walmart after church.  I wanted to pick up lunch meat to make sandwiches for lunch and Tim needed to look at something for work.  Megan is really getting into scrapbooking and bought herself some stickers for that.  The sandwiches really hit the spot with everyone with fresh lettuce and tomatoes and big potato rolls.  We all took a nap after clearing the table.
    Tim and Matt went out to work on Tim's workshop and my shed later on.  Tim sold off a bunch of stuff he had brought home and stored in his shop.  Since it's on the back of Mom's garage, he is afraid of what she's going to decide to do about her house.  If she sells it or rents it, he doesn't want to be caught with a whole lot of stuff to get rid of.  As they've been emptying out the shop of extra stuff, they've been moving things stored in my shed up there.  Today they got the workbench in mine totally cleared off so I can have it for a potting bench.
     I spent a good bit of time tonight on the Internet researching home party sales.  I'm trying to find a way to make some extra money part-time.  It isn't that we need it now, but with Matt starting college in July, I'm afraid the time is coming when we will need it.  I saw a couple of plans that interested me.  I've got to look at them some more tomorrow.  One sells house plants that come in kits with containers and synthetic soil.  One sells Lillian Vernon merchandise and the third, teaches principles of organization and sells organizing materials.
March 7
    Spring fever is really taking hold this morning.  It is 62 degrees on the thermometer outside the kitchen window, the sun is shining brilliantly and the birds are making quite a racket with their joyful singing!  Hard to believe in just a few short hours rain is going to move in and the temperature will drop rapidly bringing more snow.  Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be in the low to mid 20's.  Brrrrrr.  March has certainly come in like a lion this year.  I sure hope it goes out like the gentlest of lambs.
    I stayed after work this morning for a "remedial" knitting lesson with one of the older ladies.  Everyone at work has taken up knitting in the last month or so.  I've been trying but just can't seem to get the hang of it.  This morning seemed to help a good bit, which is a relief.  I was just about to give up for good.  Now maybe I'll actually be able to get a scarf done.