Here are some more Valentine's Day fun tips

1.Cut out hearts form construction paper and decorate them
with glitter and hang them everywhere.
2.Cut heart shapes from white paper and write on it a message
with white crayon and then let the kids paint over it with
water color or make your own by adding food coloring to
water. Ice trays or egg cartons are great to hold these
homemade water colors.
3.Use heart shaped cookie cutters for toast, sandwiches,
brownies, rice krispie treats and more.
4.Have red punch or fruit juice ready to serve.
5.Make a special Valentine for Jesus!
6.Cut out construction paper heart shapes and write a Bible
verse on each one about love and hang around the house or
send to your family, friends and neighbors.
7.Make valentines and simple gifts to add to goody bags and
deliver to nursing homes to those residents that never get
8.Put a rose in everyone's bedroom, you can use artificial
9.Give little love notes daily to the members in your
10. Have a special breakfast, lunch or dinner on Valentines
11. Read some Valentines Day books.