Valentines Day Fun

by Angela Billings

Fun Valentines Day Sweet Treats
Children love to decorate for all holidays and they love to help out in the kitchen and make crafts.
The following cover all three of these areas for some special family fun!
Valentines Day Popcorn Cake
1 cup butter
32 marshmallows
16 cups popped popcorn
1 cup conversation heart candy
1 cup chocolate covered peanuts
1 cup red hot candies
Melt butter and marshmallows in a large heavy pan over low heat. Stir often. 
Put popcorn into large pan. Pour marshmallow mixture over top. Stir and mix well. Add peanuts and candy. Mix together.
Put mixture into a well greased angel food cake pan or cake pan. The deeper the pan the better the cake will look when you place it on your cake plate. 
Valentines Day Candy House
Get your family together and make these adorable Valentines
Day houses.
Each person will need the following:
a sturdy paper plate to sit their house on,
a small square box such as a pint size milk or juice carton
enough graham crackers to cover their boxes
Everyone will need easy access to the following:
Melted white chocolate to use for glue
Arrangement of bowls of candies and other edible decorations
such as:
Conversation hearts, chocolate kisses, pretzels, red, pink &
white sprinkles, colored sugars, red hots, coconut,
How to Put the House Together:
Simply paint the crackers and the box with the melted white chocolate and put the crackers where you want them on the house in order to cover it. For the roof it is easier to just lay the graham cracker down flat instead of trying to angle 2 together for the roof.
Then use the melted chocolate to adhere the candies to the house. Sprinkle with powdered sugar for a frosting of light snow.
Display your Valentines Day town for all to see. Don't forget to get some pictures of the cute houses and the
fun time making them.