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Black & Decker Project (and help) Center

This is a great page full of information, tips and how to handle your new or current projects. I get their timely newsletters and always learn so much.

Nebraska Cooperative Extention

This page is the Diseases of Home Garden Tomatoes. It describes and has photos of tomato problems you might encounter. Great page for reference!

Dixondale Farms - Onions!

DIXONDALE FARMS has been selling onions since 1913 and they have definitely taught us a lot! There is a map inside their catalog that shows the regions of the United Stated with the long day, intermediate and short day areas. They include a free planting guide with each order. These are tips to help you select the best planting site, know how to prepare the beds and when to harvest. You will be much more confident by following the helpful tips that are exclusive in their Onion Planting Guide.

Scott's & Ortho and Roundup Website

This is the Scott's & Ortho and Roundup website. Even if you use no chemicals this site holds a lot of great information. There is a drought section that deals with conservation of water and using mulches. At the top of the page, you will find the choice of Gardening or Lawn Care. Each has its own library of info to browse through. Miracle-Gro is part of the group.  

USDA Gardening Topics

Extensive Plant Database. Lots to browse through and enjoy but it's 8-30-13 and I am just now adding this site so I've not had a chance to look around.

EPA Greenacres - Using native wildflowers & grasses

This is a government site dealing with green landscaping using native wildflower and grasses to improve the environment. The program seeks to attract a variety of birds, butterflies and other animals. They include everything you need to know to get started. Information is specific to the Great Lakes area and list nurseries in that area. Good general information.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service

In an attempt to reduce the excessive water use, the Texas Agricultural Extension Service is educating Texans in Xeriscape landscaping, quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment. This concept is a first-of-a-kind, comprehensive approach to landscaping for water conservation. Traditional landscapes may incorporate one or two principles of water conservation, but they do not utilize the entire concept to reduce landscape water use effectively.

Visit this site to learn how to really save on growing a yard around your home.

Clemson University

This is the site for Clemson University and information on plants relates to how they grow in South Carolina. In the index, find Landscape, Garden & Other Problems. Under Landscaping, find Attracting and Feeding Songbirds, Butterfly Gardens, Low Maintenance Ideas, Irrigation Systems and Water Gardens.

USDA - Plants

It is unbelievable how much information can be stored on a data base. This is a government site and has no advertising. The Plant of the Week was periwinkle; the one plant I had been looking for help with. Look through the listing for characteristics and find the breakdown of habits, needs and toxicity. At a glance see where the plant is found across the US and if it is not native, when it was introduced. It gives every plant's usage for forage, fuel and lumber. I just skimmed the surface and look forward to going back with plenty of time. Check out the Farm & Ranch and find Defending Against Drought. You will find ideas on water, land and crop management to consider while creating your own drought plan. 


Open up the How-To-Library and choose from Indoor and Outdoor Projects, Lawn & Garden, Home Decor (I got lost in the Creative Ideas & Solutions Archives), Seasonal Index (Preventative Maintenance), Safety, Buying Guide and Contractor Library. Even if you don't shop at Lowe's, their site has so much to offer.

Texas A&M main horticulture page

This is a most interesting site to visit. It had been a while since I'd stopped by and they have many new topics. I need to spend some more time there!

True Value Hardware

This is a page on the True Value website. When you open the page, it talks about their Paint Shop at the top but below that is a link to The National Gardeners Association where you can read Q & A's or ask a question of the expert.


Koi USA magazine is all about Koi fish and how to raise them in your own garden pond. On the website, there are 5 different ponds but you cannot read them like they are. You can print them out, study & learn, and even sign up for the printed magazine. Not free but valuable information.


The EarthBox made of recycled plastic is designed to facilitate the functional concept of a gradient orientated nutritional procedure. The box holds 2.3 cu ft of medium (soil or potting mix) with an air space between the medium and a water reservoir that holds 2.2 gallons providing a seepage source of water. Soluble N-K moves by diffusion from a surface banded source to equilibrate with the less soluble nutrients in the medium to replace that removed by the crop and thus maintain nutritional stability. Consistent yields of 15 to 25 pounds of quality tomatoes/plant is indicative of an unlimited nutritional stability provided by the containerized gradient procedure.  

All of the nutrients for one or more crops are placed in the container: water required is minimal. There is no leaching, and management is reduced to maintaining the water table. The gradient procedure provides an unlimited nutritional stability regardless of the soil. plant-season and whether grown in the field or in a container - providing the potential for an unlimited productivity. 

The EarthBox is designed primarily for the home gardener, but a commercial edition is being evaluated for a containerized field operation - the original goal of this research effort.

The above paragraphs are from the earthbox website and pretty well describe what they have for sale. I had seen where readers on the countryside forum were discussing the earthbox and while no one had purchased one, they did agree that the concept was a good one. I made the mistake of looking at the price first. Don't do that. They say discount for quantity but that detracts from seeing what the product has to offer. For many people I know, this would be the ideal planting medium for their living situation. This was sent in by a reader. Thank you!!

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