We always spend Thanksgiving with my dad and stepmom. Turkey, Ham, sweet potatoes, 4 pecan pies, 4 pumpkin pies, dumplins, mashed potatoes, biscuits, green beans, cream corn, gravy.

Christmas, however is a different subject. I love to cook, especially desserts. So I always make a big Christmas dinner with everything imaginable and invite friends to drop by through out the day and have a plate. They get to visit and eat when they want and there is always something to take home. I set up folding tables and buy disposable plates, cups & silverware.

The day after Christmas my husband usually goes hunting { I encourage him to :)} and me and my lil' red haired girl lay around in our pjs all day watching movies and playing with Christmas presents. We don't go outside for anything but to feed the dogs. My son knows that until the day he gets married and has kids, he is suppose to be at my house on Christmas Eve and spend the night, NO EXCEPTIONS, MOM'S #1 RULE!!!!